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Ansley Schools launch $2 million project

April 4, 2011

Plans are underway for an almost $2 million renovation and expansion project for Ansley Public Schools.
Most of the project will be funded with Build America Bonds, and according to Superintendent Mike McCabe the community shouldn’t notice any tax increase.
The project idea has been about a year in the making. With the current gymnasium being used as a multi-purpose room, cafeteria, after school practices and indoor recess, it is difficult to accommodate everything.
McCabe has concerns with students having to travel home after waiting to use the gym for practices.
“Some students are here until nine or ten at night and then have to drive home in the dark, on bad roads.”
The plans for renovations include remodeling the current gymnasium, insert two visitor locker rooms and house the Jr. High activities. Above the old gym will be the new wrestling area and class room.
The pre-school class will be moving above the old gym allowing the elementary Special Education department to move into their old class room.
The cafeteria will be more “user friendly” with a new floor and tables. New windows will be re-installed with energy efficient windows.
Above the cafeteria will be a weight room and exercise equipment with outside access to allow the community of Ansley a place to exercise.
A second gymnasium will be added on the North side of the building. This is primarily for practices, junior high and junior varsity games and tournaments.
McCabe is looking forward to the changes and how the students will be able to benefit from them.
“We will be able to enhance our Physical Education classes and after school activities, which will broaden our curriculum.”
The community response has been very positive through the planning phases and has been met with little opposition.
“The community attended our meetings and asked many questions, but without much opposition.”
The plans are currently being finalized, the architect and construction manager have been hired and they are hoping to begin work by the first of May.
The projected time-frame for renovations to be finished is around eight months, making December 2011 the goal for completion.

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