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Area Schools Compete at Best of Midwest Meet

May 2, 2013

South Loup, Anselmo-Merna, Mullen and Sandhills/Thedford competed in the Best of the Midwest meet Tuesday night In Sutherland.

On the girls side, Mullen finished 8th, South Loup 16th, Anselmo-Merna 15th and Sandhills/Thedford 23rd. On the boys side, South Loup took 3rd, Anselmo-Merna placed 19th, Mullen placed 23rd and Sandhills/Thedford finished 25th. Event results are listed with area participants in them and placing in the top six. The girls will be followed by the boys.

100 meter dash
1st Alexa Whipple Arapahoe 12.50
2nd Madison Tomlinson Mullen 13.10
3rd Jamie Smith NPSP 13.20
4th Tresann Waites Ogallala 13.30
5th Jalyne Schuster Sutherland 13.30
6th Sara Weber Cozad 13.30

3200 M Run
Place Contestant School Time
1st Mandy O'Malley NPSP 12:16.30
2nd Justine Stone Maywood 12:18.20
3rd Elizabeth Cramer Anselmo-Merna 12:46.60
4th Natalie Jones SMC 12:49.50
5th Abby Daffer Southwest 12:58.50
6th Maggie Vinton NPSP 13:04.10

100 M Hurdles
Place Contestant School Time
1st Madison Tomlinson Mullen 16.40
2nd Krsiten Jussel Chase County 16.40
3rd Kaylea Watson Arapahoe 16.50
4th Joli Hopping Sutherland 16.80
5th Traci Cooley Mullen 16.80
6th Emma Skelton Wauneta-Palisade 17.10

300 M Hurdles
Place Contestant School Time
1st Madison Tomlinson Mullen 48.70
2nd Krsiten Jussel Chase County 49.40
3rd Jensen Geisert Ogallala 49.70
4th Traci Cooley Mullen 49.80
5th Taylor Mroczek Gothenburg 50.60
6th Kaley Stokey Sutherland 50.60

4x100 M Relay
1st Gothenburg 52.50
2nd Sutherland 52.60
3rd Ogallala 53.20
4th Brady 53.40
5th Dundy County-Stratton 55.20
6th Mullen 55.40

Long Jump
Place Contestant School Distance
1st Tiani Reeves Gothenburg 17'-7"
2nd Sam Kenndy Sutherland 16'-5 1/2"
3rd Shayla Dockweiler South Loup 16'-1"
4th Shaylin McClellen Brady 15'-9 1/2"
5th Tami Myers Anselmo-Merna 15'-5 3/4"
6th Jordin Wasson Cambridge 14'-10 1/2"

Place Contestant School Distance
1st Ciara Voycheske Ogallala 121'-8"
2nd Ellen Laird Cozad 118'-2"
3rd Emily Franzen Gothenburg 112'-8 1/2"
4th Megan Max Anselmo-Merna 109'-5 1/2"
5th Jodi Koellner Chase County 106'-4"

Triple Jump
Place Contestant School Distance
1st Sidney Mell Ogallala 34'-0 3/4"
2nd Courtney McClennahan Perkins County 33'-2 3/4"
3rd Jordin Wasson Cambridge 33'-2 1/4"
4th Megan Kelley Southwest 33'-0"
5th Ashley Starr SMC 32'-1 3/4"
6th Tami Myers Anselmo-Merna 31'-8 1/4"

High Jump
Place Contestant School Height
1st Rochelle Wendland Arapahoe 5'-2"
2nd Josie Palmer Brady 5'-0"
3rd Kenzie May Southwest 5'-0"
3rd Valerie Most Brady 5'-0"
5th Shayla Dockweiler South Loup 4'-10"
6th Ashlia Love Hitchcock County 4'-10"

Boys Results

4x100 M Relay
Place Contestants School Time
1st McCook 43.90
2nd Cambridge 44.60
3rd South Loup 44.90
4th Perkins County 45.20
5th Paxton 45.20
6th Dundy County-Stratton 46.50

4x400 M Relay
1. Cambridge- 3:35.30
2. Brady- 3:37.00
3. South Loup- 3:37.80
4. Chase County- 3:40
5.NPSP- 3:41.00
6. Pxton- 3:44.70

4x800 M Relay
Place Contestants School Time
1st Paxton 8:25.40
2nd Brady 8:37.40
3rd Wauneta-Palisade 8:43.70
4th South Loup 8:45.50
5th Mullen 9:07.50
6th Chase County 9:09.20

Long Jump
1st Austin Starr SMC 22'-0 3/4"
2nd Derek Hildebrandt South Loup 21'-3 3/4"
3rd Elliot Carlson Perkins County 20'-3 1/4"
4th TJ Gregory Cambridge 20'-1"
5th Tanner Cline South Loup 20'-0 3/4"
6th Bryley Roper Brady 19'-9"

High Jump
Place Contestant School Height
1st Austin Starr SMC 6'-2"
2nd Jake Paulsen Cozad 6'-2"
3rd Ryan Halouska Anselmo-Merna 6'-0"
4th Carrick Perlinger Paxton 5'-10"
5th Matt McLeod Sandhills-Thedford 5'-10"
6th Alex Hinkle SMC 5'-8"

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