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Cosmos swim meet marks the end of an era

July 20, 2011

Kirsten Staab waits for the whistle

BROKEN BOW--This past weekend the Broken Bow Cosmos Swim Team hosted their annual swim meet. It also marked the end of an age. The swim meet was the last 50-meter competition to take place in Broken Bow. The new pool that’s slated to open next summer is 25 meters in length.
There was a strong showing from the swimmers that swam for the final time in the only pool they’ve known.
Blake Denson placed first in the Male 8 and under 100-meter freestyle and was runner-up in the 50 meter freestyle and 200 meter freestyle.
Cody Dierking took gold in the Male 15 & over 50-meter freestyle. Dierking was the runner-up in both the 200-meter freestyle and 100-meter freestyle. Tyler Kozisek was the Male 15 & over champion in the 50-meter freestyle and was runner-up in the 200-meter individual medley. Chay Nelson took home various honors in the Male 13-14 division. Nelson was the champion in the 200-meter individual medley, 200-meter breaststroke, 200-meter butterfly, 100-meter butterfly, 100-meter freestyle and 800-meter freestyle. Nelson was runner-up in the 400-meter freestyle and 100-meter butterfly.
Andrew Pracht did well in the Male 15 & over division. Pracht was the champion in the 400-meter freestyle, 100-meter breaststroke, and 200-meter freestyle. Pracht was the runner-up in the 200-meter breaststroke and 50-meter freestyle.
Grant Shinn did well in the Male 18 & over division. Shinn took first-place honors in the 200-meter individual medley, 100-meter backstroke, 200-meter breaststroke and 400-meter individual medley. Shinn was runner-up in the 100-meter breaststroke and 50-meter freestyle.
Aaron Smith took home three first place medals in the Male 15 & over division. Smith won the 100-meter freestyle, 1500-meter freestyle and 800-meter freestyle.
Morgan Hueftle medaled in the Female 15 & over division. Hueftle placed first in the 200-meter individual medley and 50-meter freestyle and was runner-up in the 100-meter breaststroke.
Madison Jackson took home numerous first-place honors in the Female 8 & under division. Jackson won gold in the 50-meter backstroke, 50-meter butterfly, 100-meter freestyle and 50-meter freestyle.
In the Female 15 & over division, Baily Kirkpatrick medaled in three events. Kirkpatrick was the champion in the 100-meter freestyle, 50-meter freestyle and runner-up in the 100-meter breaststroke.
In the Female 11-12 division Tori Meschke took home gold in 100-meter freestyle and 400-meter individual medley and was runner-up in the 200-meter freestyle.
Natalya Nelson placed in the Female 11-12 division. Nelson was the champion in the 200-meter breaststroke and 50-meter breaststroke. Nelson was the runner-up in the 200-meter individual medley.
Krisha Scott medaled in the Female 13-14 division. Scott was the 100-meter freestyle champion and runner-up in the 400-meter freestyle.
Kendra Staab medaled in the Female 13-14 division. Staab was the champion in the 50-meter freestyle and 400-meter freestyle. Staab was the runner-up in the 200-meter freestyle and 800-meter freestyle.
Individual results are as follows:
Tanner Butler (9-10)
8th-50-meter freestyle 1:09.89
Tristan Butler (8-Under)
10th-50-meter freestyle 2:08.63
Evan Cyboron (8-under)
9th-50-meter freestyle 1:47.33
Joshua Cymoron (11-12)
2nd-200-meter individual medley 5:08.69
4th-100-meter breaststroke 2:55.76
4th-50-meter butterfly 1:06.31
5th-200-meter freestyle 4:11.87
6th-50-meter freestyle 50:32
6th-50-meter backstroke 1:06.55
7th-50-meter breaststroke 1:19.43
8th-100-meter freestyle 1:50.82
Blake Denson (8-under)
1st-100-meter freestyle 2:03.15
2nd-50-meter butterfly 1:29.39
2nd-50-meter freestyle 51.56
2nd-200-meter freestyle 4:43.79
4th-100-meter backstroke 2:55.95
Cody Dierking (15-over)
1st-50-meter freestyle 32.51
2nd-100-meter freestyle 1:18.61
2nd-200-meter freestyle 2:59.90
Lathan Duda (8-under)
4th-50-meter freestyle 1:14.01
Ryan Jackson (8-under)
3rd-50-meter backstroke 1:40.13
6th-50-meter freestyle 1:25.50
Tyler Kozisek (15-over)
1st-50-meter freestyle 28.72
2nd-200-meter individual medley 3:02.15
3rd-100-meter freestyle 1:08.24
Hunter Maynard (11-12)
5th-50-meter freestyle 48.55
7th-50-meter backstroke 1:12.35
9th-100-meter freestyle 1:58.68
Shay Nelson (13-14)
1st-200-meter individual medley 3:27.22
1st-200-meter breaststroke 3:38.69
1st-100-meter freestyle 1:28.12
1st-200-meter butterfly 4:14.56
1st-50-meter freestyle 41.52
1st-800-meter freestyle 14.08.42
2nd-400-meter freestyle 6:42.65
2nd-100-meter butterfly 4:14.56
3rd-200-meter freestyle 3:23.89
4th-100-meter breaststroke 1:42.87
Jett Petit (11-12)
2nd-50-meter freestyle 41.84
3rd-100-meter freestyle 1:39.42
4th-50-meter backstroke 53.59
4th-50-meter breaststroke 1:00.31
4th-200-meter freestyle 3:59.74
Andrew Pracht (15-over)
1st-400-meter freestyle 6:34.22
1st-100-meter breaststroke 1:38.97
1st-200-meter freestyle 2:51.56
2nd-200-meter breaststroke 3:53.62
2nd-50-meter freestyle 29:41
4th-100-meter freestyle 1:09.16
Matthew Pracht (11-12)
5th-50-meter backstroke 1:06.47
5th-100-meter freestyle
Tristan Sawyer-Kociemba (11-12)
6th-100-meter freestyle 1:44.03
7th-50-meter freestyle 52.33
Grant Shinn (15-over)
1st-200-meter individual medley 3:17.49
1st-100-meter backstroke 1:37.92
1st-200-meter breaststroke 3:40.21
1st-400-meter individual medley
2nd-100-meter breaststroke 1:41.58
2nd-50-meter freestyle 35.09
3rd-100-meter freestyle 1:24.83
Aaron Smith (15-over)
1st-100-meter freestyle 1:13.05
1st-1500-meter freestyle 27.10.81
1st-800-meter freestyle 13.09.85
2nd-200-meter individual medley 3:28.82
4th-50-meter freestyle 31.93
Aaron Staab (15-over)
2nd-800-meter freestyle 15.41.89
3rd-100-meter breaststroke 1:47.08
3rd-50-meter freestyle 38.65
4th-100-meter freestyle
Tyler Staab (15-over)
3rd-200-meter individual medley 4:32.91
3rd-200-meter freestyle 3:49.78
4th-100-meter breaststroke 2:07.83
4th-50-meter freestyle 40.47
5th-100-meter freestyle 1:33.51
Griffin Wright (9-10)
5th-50-meter freestyle 54.90
5th-200-meter freestyle 4:43.11
6th-50-meter butterfly 1:41.42
8th-100-meter freestyle 2:14.61
Liz Cramer (13-14)
3rd-200-meter individual medley 4:05.63
4th-200-meter freestyle 3:23.86
5th-100-meter backstroke 2:03.71
5th-100-meter freestyle 1:30.25
6th-100-meter breaststroke 2:14.02
8th-50-meter freestyle 37.95
Alyssa Cyboron (9-10)
4th-50-meter backstroke 1:02.84
4th-100-meter backstroke 2:21.22
4th-50-meter freestyle 48.97
7th-50-meter butterfly 1:17.16
8th-100-meter breaststroke 2:30.47
8th-50-meter breaststroke 1:11.94
9th-100-meter freestyle 2:04.19
Kassidy Cyboron (8-under)
2nd-200-meter freestyle 5:51.08
3rd-50-meter backstroke 1:12.94
3rd-100-meter freestyle 2:30.13
7th-100-meter backstroke 3:02.06
8th-50-meter freestyle 1:17.05
Kerri DeGroff (13-14)
2nd-50-meter freestyle 49.96
6th-100-meter backstroke 2:21.92
7th-100-meter freestyle 1:57.18
Emily Flint (11-12)
2nd-50-meter freestyle 42.59
5th-50-meter backstroke 52.21
5th-100-meter backstroke 2:06.89
5th-50-meter butterfly 56.79
Emily Fox (9-10)
10th-50-meter breaststroke 1:37.31
Morgan Hueftle (15-over)
1st-200 meter individual medley 3:10.95
1st-50-meter freestyle 32.34
2nd-100-meter breaststroke 1:32.16
Madison Jackson (8-under)
1st-50-meter backstroke 1:11.17
1st-50-meter butterfly 1:23.69
1st-100-meter freestyle 2:15.22
1st-50-meter freestyle 1:02.52
Baily Kirkpatrick (15-over)
1st-100-meter freestyle 1:33.25
1st-50-meter freestyle 40.34
Tori Meschke (11-12)
1st-100-meter freestyle 1:30.84
1st-400-meter individual medley 8:02.72
2nd-200-meter freestyle 3:17.11
3rd-50-meter butterfly 50.86
3rd-100-meter butterfly 1:53.80
4th-100-meter backstroke 1:54.32
5th-100-meter breaststroke 2:04.87
5th-50-meter freestyle 40.45
6th-50-meter backstroke 52.38
6th-50-meter breaststroke 57.76
Hailey Myers (9-10)
8th-50-meter freestyle 56.52
Natalya Nelson (11-12)
1st-200-meter breaststroke 3:40.28
1st-50-meter breaststroke 47.49
2nd-200-meter individual medley 3:51.42
4th-100-meter butterfly 2:12.03
5th-200-meter freestyle 3:32.76
6th-50-meter freestyle 43.70
6th-50-meter butterfly 58.82
7th-100-meter freestyle 1:41.51
Graycee Oeltjen (8-under)
5th-50-meter backstroke 1:17.20
6th-100-meter backstroke 2:57.03
7th-50-meter freestyle 1:15.07
Madison Province (8-under)
9th-100-meter freestyle 4:08.24
Sidney Province (8-under)
2nd-50-meter backstroke 1:12.24
3rd-50-meter freestyle 1:07.23
Kailyn Scott (8-under)
6th-50-meter freestyle 1:12.05

Krisha Scott (13-14)
1st-100-meter freestyle 1:22.17
2nd-400-meter freestyle 7:43.59
Kendra Staab (13-14)
1st-400-meter freestyle 6:44.36
1st-50-meter freestyle 34.66
2nd-200-meter freestyle 3:04.84
2nd-800-meter freestyle 14.32.72
4th-100-meter freestyle 1:26.33
5th-100-meter butterfly 1:51.67
Kirsten Staab (11-12)
2nd-50-meter backstroke 48.62
3rd-100-meter backstroke 1:49.68
4th-50-meter freestyle 43.16
5th-100-meter freestyle 1:36.26
7th-200-meter freestyle 3:34.89
Jadyn Stover (11-12)
2nd-400-meter freestyle 7:25.31
4th-100-meter freestyle 1:34.79
4th-50-meter freestyle 43.16
6th-200-meter freestyle 3:33.41
8th-200-individual medley 4:31.94
8th-50-meter breaststroke 1:03.90
Lauren VanLaningham (9-10)
9th-50-meter backstroke 1:11.40
Madison Wells (9-10)
6th-100-meter freestyle 1:57.29
6th-50-meter freestyle 50.46

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