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Crazy Days Run draws large crowd

July 19, 2012

The 6th Annual Crazy Days Run kicked off at 7 a.m. July 14, with 112 registered runners, walkers and bikers. Event chair Amy Wenquist said she was especially thrilled at the number of younger runners participating.
“The volunteer turnout was tremendous,” she added. Kicking off from the Melham Sports Complex, the early morning start avoided the heat of the day. Participants had their choice of a 5K, 10K, 1 Mile Walk, 10 Mile Bike or a 20 Mile Bike as their event challenge.
Hosted by the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce, it costs $20 to participate.
The run ran smoothly, with the biggest problems being the heat and a few flat tires on some bikes. The heat was to be suspected.
“This year’s run went wonderfully. We’re up 30 participants from last year and it just keeps growing. This is a great Chamber fundraiser,” said Chamber Director Denise Russell.
2012 Medal Winners include:
Women’s 10K Run
Under 18
Libbie Cramer 44:29
Jessica Kirkpatrick 48:30
Trish Vickers 49:21
Amy Wenquist 50:41
Janet Landrigan 52:28
Men’s 10K Run
Todd Vlieger 35:27
Dan Osmond 46:10
Tom Osmond 48:46
Jeff Kramer 44:31

Women’s 5K Run
Under 18
Kylee Knott 25:25
Laney Stunkel 31:24
Esther White 39:57
Patsy Lombardo 23:37
Jaimee Bailey 24:58
Melissa Garcia 26:15
Lori Kozisek 29:51
Lisa Hajda 33:21
Tess Sinner 34:47
Men’s 5K Run
Under 18
Dalton Duryea 25:22
Cass McGinn 25:23
Jared Kahnk 25:38
Kyle Smith 16:25
David Vincent 22:45
Jim Lombardo 23:34
Bill Steffens 27:30
Jerry Adams 27:33
Neil Kozisek 29:51
1 Mile Walking Team
Varney Health Mart:
Sarah Gibbons
Kathy Willis
Stephanie Wright

Women’s 10-Mile Bike
Under 18
Aubrey Chexalier 41:34
Becky Finney 46:36
Amber Eberle 48:27
Jacy Cramer 53:29
Deb Bryner 40:48
Men’s 10-Mile Bike
Under 18
Mason King 53:28
Brent Thomas 38:42
Jeremy Jacobsen 46:20
Levi Williams 51:46
Women’s 20-Mile Bike
Sarah Yeagley 1:04:00
Margaret Potter 1:16:00
Liz Anderson 1:26:00
Cynamon Eshleman 1:07:00
Melanie Olson 1:29:00
Men’s 20-Mile Bike
Under 18
Gideon White 1:17:00
Jason Gale 54:08
Andrew Eshleman 58:14
Dave Bush 59:21
Dale Ackerman 59:30
Joe Lucas 1:05:00
Edwin Johnson 1:13:00

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