Haiti works to rebuild

*Julie White is a native of Broken Bow, and the daughter of Daryl and Donna Sybrant. She submitted this article updating us on the status of Haiti.Three and a half years have passed since the 7.0 Haiti earthquake of Jan. 12, 2010. Will and Julie (Sybrant) White and their children, William (age 14) and Abby (age 10), have been living in Haiti for more than 13 years. Will is a pilot/mechanic working for Mission Aviation Fellowship in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. He continues to fly supplies, teachers, doctors, pastors, medicines and food into hard to reach areas of this third world country. The Whites experienced the devastation of the earthquake first-hand, but have recently seen improvement. Julie says it has taken a couple of years to remove the rubble, but now new buildings are going up, parks and empty corners are clean, and tent cities have been either moved or been eliminated as new houses have been built by volunteer teams. Stop lights and solar-powered street lights have been installed on main roads. A cell phone company has been diligently labeling the streets with durable and uniform street signs. Another large donor to the country has been helping widen and pave dirt roads in the city, and install sidewalks, curbs and adequate water run-offs. Julie says politically the country of Haiti has also been enjoying a time of stability and decreased protests. Knowing it may be short lived, the Whites are encouraged to see these recent signs of improvement. “We have always been focused on meeting the needs of the people around us, especially offering the hope and love of Jesus Christ,” says Julie. “But it is wonderful when we see positive changes in the environment around us too.” The Whites have committed to another 3-year term in the field, but are glad for quick summer trips to see family. “I am thrilled to see my kids enjoying my hometown as much as I do,” Julie says. “Broken Bow is a great place to come home to!”