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Haze continued over Broken Bow

April 1, 2012

Saturday's weather created ideal conditions for control burns, such as the one pictured here northeast of Broken Bow.

Haze continued over Broken Bow on Sunday following Saturday’s series of prescribed burns in the vicinity of the community.

Prescribed or controlled burning is a tool used by landowners to improve their grasslands. According to the USDA, prescribed burning is accomplished through a combination of head fires, firebreaks, fireguards, flank fires and back fires. A good control burn is well-planned. Natural barriers, such as streams, roads, etc. are used whenever possible.

The weather is one of the key factors to its success, and Saturday’s calm proved ideal. Control burns are most generally launched when wind speeds are 4-16 miles per hour and the relative humidity is 25-70 percent.

The USDA also suggests that prescribed burns be directed away from highways and populated areas. The government agency also suggests burning toward a plowed field or your own land instead of your neighbor’s.

A burn permit from your local fire district is required.


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