PTA launches Box Tops For Education

The Broken Bow PTA has announced the launch of their 2011-2012 Box Tops for Education fundraising campaign. This year the school has set a goal of earning $2,000 through Box Tops to support the Kids of Character Program. Last year the Box Tops program earned over $1,900 for the program. All money earned through this program is issued directly to the Broken Bow School. The PTA annual "Snowball" Competition is set to begin Feb 6th and run through Feb 15th. During this time for every 10 box tops turned in the students receive 1 "snowball". North Park classrooms compete to earn the most "Snowballs" on their door! At Custer School the classrooms work together to determine what to do with the "snowballs" they have earned, either give a snowball to another class or remove a snowball from their door, the winner is the class with the fewest snowballs on their door. If you have collected box tops and don't have a student currently in elementary school, you can drop them off at North Park or Custer Schools. If you want to help, contact Stephanie Miller at 870-1023.For more information on how Broken Bow school supporters can earn cash for the school with Box Tops through everyday activities such as buying groceries, shopping online and buying books. Check out the