Salute to Beef May 18, 2017 - a big oops on our part

Staff Writer

As you read the Salute to Beef either in print or via an online subscription, you'll notice a problem...Page 10 is missing. Through our production process, page 12 was printed in its place.

As a result, three paragraphs of an article on Adams Land & Cattle were omitted as well as a great photo supplied by Adams of Jerry Adams, Bill Adams and their father, Russell Adams.

The Adams article and the photo will run in its entirety in the May 25 issue.

We here at the Chief sincerely apologize for the error.

The remainder of the Salute to Beef is intact. In the issue you will find

* Custer County Ranch prepare for 2017 Ball - Jeff and Lisa Johnson of Lonesome River Ranch prepare their pastures for the 2017 Cattlemen's Ball
* New President to lead Adams into the future - Abram Babcock, President of Adams Land & Cattle, discussed the beef industry
* May proclaimed National Beef Month in Nebraska
* Nebraska Brand Committee updates technology
* Butchers weigh in on beef
* The basics of USDA beef grading
* Nebraska beef facts and figures
* FFA represents future beef and ag leaders
* Cattlemen's Ball packed with activities
* Cancer research beneficiary of Cattlemen's Ball
* 'We couldn't do it without everybody' - the volunteers, sponsors, donors, advisory board of the Cattlemen's Ball
* Reopening of China to U.S. beef welcome news
* What's your beef? Local folks talk about their favorite cuts and dishes

Salute to Beef is available with the printed May 18, 2017 issue or through an online subscription of the Custer County Chief.