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See a silver lining in the tax cloud? Naaa…

April 17, 2014

By Les Mann, Chief Publisher

All taxpayers and accountants should be doing their happy-tax dance this week; happy that another April 15 has come and gone. All the returns or extensions have been filed and it is time to relax and celebrate.
The sun is in the heavens, green is returning to the fields, we’ve sent our checks to the government (or already spent our refund). All is right with the world.
I love paying taxes. Yes, really.
If you think about it, the alternatives to filing a tax return (or an extension for you procrastinators) are not worth contemplating. Not filing generally means one of two things. Either you didn’t make any money, which is not something to be happy about, or you purposefully elected not to pay, in which case you should eventually be introduced to your new cell-mate, Bubba.
Either of those prospects would put a serious damper on the concept of celebrating on April 15.
But, it is infinitely logical to celebrate this happy occasion as a taxpayer who has filed and paid.
I stole the idea from Ed Hays, the quirky author of the “Old Hermit’s Almanac” who encourages us to rethink April 15 as “Social Justice Day.”
Instead of lamenting our tax obligations, we should celebrate our good fortune and our ability to support our government and what it does to assist those less fortunate than us; not to mention what it does to ensure our own security, well being and occasional pursuit of happiness. As Churchill might remind us, we have the worst government and social system on Earth…except for all the others.
So we might as well join the Pollyanna Politico crowds today and do our happy-tax dance with the all the harried tax accountants of our land. For we know our tax dollars are going to do some good things, ‘er mostly.
And let’s just forget for a moment in our after-glow of our tax-filing glee that it would be an even more joyous and stupendous occasion but for one little fly in the ointment.
That is, our lack of confidence that our officious decision-makers will always make responsible and prudent decisions with those vast resources they extract from us.
But I fear throwing cold water on what should be joyous, tax-paying celebration days.
So naturally, I won’t mention it here.

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