10th Avenue possibly open next week

Staff Writer

10th Avenue moves closer to completion with the installation of new light poles along the avenue this week.

According to an email from Ryan Kavan, Project Manager with JEO Consulting, it's anticipated that 10th Avenue from South B to South C will open next week, though an exact date has not been set.

"Once this is has been opened up, the contractor will proceed with removals from South B north to the BNSF Railroad tracks and installing water main," Kavan said.

Kavan stressed that emergency traffic will always have access during construction.

Work continues on the installation of light poles and sidewalks as well as paving between South D and South E/Hwy 2 (in front of the Courthouse).

Kavan said there will be no Progress Meeting Tuesday, Oct. 11, due to a conflict in schedules. He will announce when the next one will be held.