Ansley/Litchfield competes at Pleasanton Track Invite

Tim Conover, Sports Editor
Staff Writer

The Ansley/Litchfield boys and girls track teams traveled to Pleasanton March 29 to compete in the Pleasanton Invite.
Following are the individual results of the Ansley/Litchfield boys in the finals at the Pleasanton Invite.

100m: 6th-John Zimmer-12.20.
400m: 4th-Caden Holm-59.70; 5th-Ethan Samuelson-1:00.00; 9th-Tycen Bailey-1:03.00
800m: 1st-Collin Arehart-2:11.20; 5th-Calvin Finley-2:21.20; 6th-Dallas Rohde-2:21.60.
1600m: 1st-Collin Arehart-5:26.40.
3200m: 2nd-Calvin Finley-11:34.00.
110m Hurdles: 1st-Chris Paitz-15.80; 3rd-Justin Bailey-16.20; 5th-Evan Samuelson-19.90.
300m Hurdles: 1st-Justin Bailey-42.80; 2nd-Chris Paitz-43.00; 9th-Evan Samuelson-54.01.
1600m Relay: 2nd-Ansley/Litchfield (Justin Bailey, Jeff Cunningham, Caden Holm, Chris Paitz)-3:50.20.
3200m Relay: 1st-Ansley/Litchfield (Calvin Finley, Dallas Rohde, Jackson Henry, Collin Arehart)-9:33.34.
Shot Put: 9th-Tyler Schukei-35’1- 1/2”; 10th-Keaton Moore-35’6”; 11th-Kyle Betke-35’4”; 12th-Garrison Fernau-33’4”; 14th-Cooper Slingsby-33’0”.
Discus: 5th-Keaton Moore-101’ 3/4”; 6th-Jackson Henry-100’5”; 9th-Tyler Schukei-97’ 1/2”; 12th-Nate Sweet-90’7”; 14th-Garrison Fernau-78’ 1/2”.
High Jump: 3rd-Justin Bailey-5’8”; 8th-Evan Samuelson-5’4”.
Pole Vault: 3rd-Hunter Arehart-9’0”; 4th-Gavin Cole-7’0”; 4th-David Lewis-7’0”.
Long Jump: 5th-John Zimmer-18’6 1/2”.
Triple Jump: 1st-Chris Paitz-40’3”; 6th-Tycen Bailey-35’8 1/2’; 14th-Nathan Haines-31’8 1/2”.

Followinng are the individual results of the Ansley/Litchfield girls in the finals at the Pleasanton Invite.

100m: 6th-Brianna Ryan-14.80.
400m: 8th-Peyton Henry-1:13.70; 16th-Chloe Ellison-1:23.60.
800M: 3rd-Harley Myers-2:46.30.
100m Hurdles: 1st-Taylor Stark-17.50; 2nd-Carli Bailey-17.90.
300m Hurdles: 1st-Carli Bailey-52.00; 2nd-Taylor Stark-52.70.
1600m Relay: Ansley/Litchfield (Falan Ryan, Harley Myers, Peyton Henry, Faith Heapy)-4:59.00.
Shot Put: 1st-Falan Ryan-8’0”; 10th-Karlee Stunkel-27’9”; 12th-Daizy Dominguez-26’3”; 13th-Jasmin Pineda-Dominguez-25’8 1/2”.
Discus: 4th-Falan Ryan-88’11 1/2”; 5th-Karlee Stunkel-82’9 1/2”; 13th-Jasmin Pineda-Dominguez-70’0”.
High Jump: 8th-Faith Heapy-4’2”; 8th-Sydnee Sweley-4’2”.
Pole Vault: 2nd-Falan Ryan-8’0”; 5th-Carli Bailey-7’6”.
Long Jump: 8th-Brianna Ryan-14’4”.
Triple Jump: 1st-Carli Bailey-32’3”; 4th-Brianna Ryan-29’8”.