APA Pool League accepting team registrations

The Custer Co. Area APA Pool Leagues are now accepting team registrations for the upcoming Summer Session. Registration deadline is Thursday, May 5th. Play begins in May and runs through August. APA Pool Leagues that are available include Monday Open 8-Ball and Thursday Open 9-Ball. Other formats include Masters (no handicap), Ladies 8-Ball and Family 8-Ball (no age limit). The APA Pool Leagues are designed to offer a fun night out with family, friends and co-workers and are open to amateur pool players, men and women, who are at least 18 years of age, with the exception of the “Family” league which has no age limit. Except for the Masters League, the APA does not allow teams to stack with the best players and uses a copyrighted handicap and scoring system that allows all players to compete nearly equally regardless of level of skill or experience. This system gives all teams an opportunity to compete equally and is geared toward the casual pool player. Teams with at least 4 new APA members will be eligible for their choice of prizes including a new Cuetec cue and case or embroidered APA leather bomber jacket for the team organizer or embroidered APA polo shirts for the entire team. New members include previous APA members that have not been in the APA in 2010 or 2011. Eligible players and teams will have the opportunity to play in many of the tournaments held throughout the year that has the winners collecting cash prizes or advancing to the richest amateur pool tournaments in the world, the $1.7 Million APA National Championships in Las Vegas, which includes paid entry fee, complimentary lodging and a generous travel allowance. For more information, contact your local Division Representative Yvonne Lambertson at 870-4344, the APA League Office at 308-344-4811 or Toll Free at 1-877-APA-POOL. Or log on at nebraska.apaleagues.com.