BBPS: Contracts, resignations approved

The Broken Bow Board of Education adjourned into closed session for about two hours Monday evening, for the purpose of discussing administrator contracts and possible land acquisition. When the board came out of closed session they approved the following items: • Extended the contract for Kirk Crawley, assistant elementary principal, for the 2013-14 school year with $4,000 on base. • Extended the contract for Elementary Principal Kim Jonas for the 2013-14 school year with $3,000 on base. • Extended the contract for Mark Sievering for one more year for 2014-15, and amended the 2013-14 contract to include three PTO days to be used during Christmas break. In lieu of a dollar increase on base, an additional five PTO days were added for professional development on the 2012-13 contract. Athletic Director and Assistant MS Principal Ryan Hogue was absent due to an athletic event, so his contract will be discussed at the March board meeting. Board President Ken Myers explains that the board is very pleased with the job Mr. Sievering has done with the district thus far, and while he did not receive an actual cash raise the additional paid days off he will receive do equal in increase in salary. Mr. Sievering requested additional days to allow him the opportunity to take additional classes, and to spend time with his family. No vote was taken regarding land acquisition. The board also dealt with several other personnel issues, including the resignations of four staff members. Three of them - Coralene Kinzie, Ann Kujath and Thomas Loughran - have applied for the employee longevity incentive program. Kinzie has served as school psychologist and special education coordinator for the Sandhills Educational Services Cooperative for 15 years. Kujath has been with the Sandhills Educational Services Cooperative since 2006. Her last assignment has been in the Life Skills Program. Loughran, who teaches high school business, has been with Broken Bow Schools since 1999. The final resignation came from Karen Neth, who has served as an elementary teacher in Broken Bow for 32 years. Neth is taking advantage of the early retirement program. Meanwhile, two teachers requested extensions of their early retirement program benefits. Bev Schwisow and Bill Reichert were both approved for another year while being allowed to retain their rights under this program. This is Reichert’s fifth extension request, and Schwisow’s fourth. Mr. Sievering discussed a timeline for the new playground equipment at North Park School. He told the board that the turnaround from the date of order to delivery is about eight weeks. They have set a target date of July 15 to have the playground set up, to allow plenty of “wiggle room” before the start of the school year next fall. Therefore, he says the equipment would need to be ordered by May 20 to meet that set-up date. He told the board that the cost of the equipment for the upper elementary is $74,000, and the cost for the lower elementary is $40,000. However, with a rebate the school will receive the cost for the two sets of equipment will come it at just under $100,000, with half of that due at the time it is ordered. Sievering reminded the board that the funds for the playground equipment are being raised through fundraising efforts of the Little Feet, Big Dreams project. He suggested that any shortfall from those funds could be borrowed from the building fund with the understanding that money from those fundraisers would be used to replenish the building fund. “However, I would venture a guess that those funds will be available,” Sievering said. The next meeting of the Broken Bow Board of Education will be March 14 at 7 p.m. This meeting will be on a Thursday, rather than the typical Monday meeting day.