BBPS holds Patriot Day ceremony

Staff Writer

Broken Bow Public Schools held a Patriot's Day celebration on the steps of the Custer County Courthouse Wed., Sept 13. Students, teachers and administrators along with citizens gathered to remember and honor those who make America a better place.

"Patriotism is more than the joy you feel on the Fourth of July," Superintendent Tom Bailey said. "Patriotism is something to be celebrated every and cherish your fellow Americans...Make Broken Bow a welcoming place." Bailey also encouraged everyone to keep the people of Texas, Florida and the Caribbean in their hearts and prayers as those areas recover from hurricane's Harvey and Irma.

School Principal Rusty Kleunder spoke on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. "Life is an important gift and our constitution demands we respect it," he said. He encouraged people to work together. "Let us learn to set our differences aside.," he said.

Morgan Harms led the crowd in singing "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land." The band also played the Star Spangled Banner. The VFW raised the flag at the beginning of the ceremony and third graders sang songs from the courthouse steps.

Second grader Brooke Kisling of Mrs. Cole's class seemed to enjoy the outing to the courthouse for the ceremony. "It was great!" she said. Her favorite part was seeing her best friend, Travin, singing while standing on the steps of the courthouse.

Bailey asked the crowd to depart in silence to honor those who served America.