Bridges out on Nebraska state highways

Staff Writer

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) is reporting that at least fifteen bridges on the State highway system have washed out or have been damaged.

Truckers are advised to only take marked detours and avoid county roads in these areas. Many of the county roads are unable to support semi-truck traffic.

The known bridges are:

· Highway 11 just south of Butte
· Highway 12 Mormon canal west of Niobrara
· Highway 12 Niobrara River west of Niobrara
· Highway 13 East of Hadar
· Highway 15: Two bridges resulting in a closure from Linwood Spur to south of Schuyler
· Highway 14: Two bridges resulting in a closure from the junction of Highway 92 to Albion
· Highway 39 just south of Genoa
· Highway 57 south of Stanton
· Highway 94 Truss Bridge east of Pender
· Highway 116 South of Dixon
· Highway 121 South of Yankton
· Highway 275 West Center Road
· Highway 281 just south of Spencer

NDOT will provide detours for each bridge that has either been washed out or requires repair through

Plan your travel by checking 511 prior to leaving for your destination. 511 provides the most up to date travel conditions available through 511, Nebraska’s Advanced Traveler Information System. The system is available at all times via phone by, online at, Nebraska 511’s smartphone app
or by dialing 511.

Motorists are reminded to make sure everyone in their vehicle wears a seatbelt and children are in a car safety seat.