Broken Bow Care and Rehab has potential purchaser

Staff Writer

March 23 was the year anniversary of Broken Bow Care and Rehabilitation Center being placed in receivership.

Yesterday, March 28, 2019, the staff received word of their official 60 day closing which means the facility could close its doors May 27.

Less than 24 hours later, however, as staff, residents and families were coming to terms with the news, a potential buyer for the facility stepped forward.

At this time it is not known who the buyer is however, Jennifer Larson, Director of Nursing is very hopeful.

“I can officially say there are active negotiations for a local purchaser for the facilty,” Larson said late Friday afternoon.

Larson and her staff at the facility are very hopeful that the purchase will go through however it may be days before more details are publicly available and months before the purchase is finalized.

The purchase, if completed, would be for everything “lock, stock and barrel,” Larson said. It would be for the building, the land, the beds and the licensing. Larson indicated the purchaser would want to keep everything local, from supplies to IT. “It would not be outsourced,” she said.

Larson could only confirm that the purchaser is local. Asked if local meant Custer County local, she answered, “Yes.”

Her message to residents, their families and to the community is, “Just hang on,” she asked, while at the same time, acknowleding the roller coaster of the past year. “Just give us a little more time.” Larson and her staff also acknowledged the support of the community and expressed their appreciation.

If the purchase goes through, Larson said, it “would get the facility back to where it’s supposed to be,” that is, community based.

Yesterday was “rough” after the announcement of the closing Larson said. With the potential purchase, that has turned around. “Everybody is behind it, 100 percent.”

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