Broken Bow Care & Rehabilitation placed in receivership, details explained

Staff Writer

Broken Bow Care & Rehabilitation is open, fully staffed and taking care of residents Jennifer Larson, Director of Nursing, said Tuesday afternoon (March 27, 2018) in a phone interview with Custer County Chief Editor Mona Weatherly.

Larson wants the public, and especially the residents and their families, to know that things are stable at the care facility which was placed in receivership last Friday.

“We are business as usual. We are fully staffed. We have all the supplies we need,” Larson said. “The staff continues to be fully dedicated to our residents.”

Larson said she has now been cleared to talk to the media and she wants to get the facts out to the public.

“As of Friday evening, our facility was placed in receivership by DHHS (Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services),” Larson said. “The receivership was accepted by Klaasmeyer & Associates out of Omaha. This receivership was done to financially stabilize and assist our facilities.”

The main focus of Klaasmeyer & Associates is staffing and financially taking care of the facilities. “A big focus is on staff getting paid,” Larson said.

The facility’s previous owner, Skyline, lost the Broken Bow facility and 20 others in Nebraska to receivership because they failed to make payroll.

Larson said meetings between representatives of Klaasmeyer, DHHS and administrators began Monday morning and continued into Tuesday. She said administrators, Klaasmeyer and representatives of the Nebraska Attorney General’s office were still in a meeting while she was doing the interview.

Larson is positive about Klaasmeyer taking the reins.

“We’re excited. We’re happy,” she said. “After meeting with Klaasmeyer, they seem to really have the needs of the staff and residents at heart,” she said.

For the time being, Klaasmeyer & Associates will oversee the 21 facilities for DHHS. “Their full intention is to keep facilities open,” Larson said. “No facilities are closing.”

Larson hopes by speaking to the media and getting the facts out, people will be able to relax and not be troubled by rumors.

“Let our families breath,” she said. “It’s hard enough to bring a loved one in without all the false information out there…They don’t have to worry. Our staff is here. They are so awesome. They are the same people who have cared for their loved ones all this time.”