Broken Bow greets new city administrator

Broken Bow’s new City Administrator David Varley and his wife Joanne, were formally welcomed to Broken Bow Monday with a meet and greet at the City Municipal Building. Both said they are excited to be here, and already feel that Broken Bow is home, the same feeling they got as they walked around the community when they visited for interviews prior to the end of the year. “We had no qualms about the move,” said Joanne. “We were first intrigued by the name,” said David. “It sounded like a great community with an interesting history.” They have lived in larger communities, but what they wanted at this point in their lives was to settle in a small town. “We were impressed by the town’s warmness,” said David. “I like to work where I know people's names. We want to roll up our shirtsleeves and get involved in the community. We are not coming to work for a couple of years and leave. We want to put down some roots.” The Varleys relocated to Broken Bow from Montrose, Colo. “When I saw that the city’s library checked out cake pans, I thought that’s something else ... that’s the type of community we’d like to be part of.”