Broken Bow Scool Board Monday March 19, 2018

Staff Writer

The Broken Bow School Board met for a regular meeting Monday evening with superintendent-elect Darren Tobey sitting in on the meeting. Much of what was on the agenda was tabled until Tobey has a chance to review information and weigh in on decisions.

School board treasurer JB Atkins reported expenses for the last month were $815,283 which he called “good news.” He said year to date expenses are lower than last year and that the school is “close on revenue.”

Current superintendent Tom Bailey shared a district accolade for the 6th grade leadership team which raised money to purchase a game tablet for Mrs. Fiorelli whose son Frederick is undergoing medical treatment. “The treatment can be tedious,” Bailey said, “And they thought this would.” He also acknowledged that Broken Bow won the Sportsman award at the Boys State Basketball tourney in Lincoln saying “It speaks volumes to our character...It’s pretty outstanding.”

Activities Director Ryan Hogue also gave kudos for the award. “It’s pretty awesome,” Hogue said. “It’s judged on coaches, students, the bench, the stands, the chants and cheers.”

Discussion on the strategic plan, operations projects and principal compensation was tabled until the next meeting. Tobey said he was scheduled to meet with operations manager Joe Shea Tuesday. He also will meet with administration.

Bailey said he is discussing with Melham Medical Center bringing back internships in the medical area as well as increasing mental health services for area youth. He said he has been meeting with Tobey and they are working on starting the transition process.

The school board is scheduled to meet April 2 for a work session with the next regular board meeting scheduled for April 16.