CPPD working to restore power outages in Thedford, Mullen, Tyron areas

Staff Writer

There is an extended power outage in the Thedford-Mullen area, according to Custer Public Power General Manager Rick Nelson said about 10 a.m. today (04/11/19). "That's a major concern right now," he said.

Another "pretty good outage" is in the Tryon area in McPherson county.

Crews are on their way and working to restore power.

Nelson said the town of Mullen and all of Hooker County is currently without power as is Tryon and areas to the west and north of the town.

He said the hope is to have power restored early this afternoon.

The outages have been caused by "galloping lines," that is, power lines moving in the wind and coming into contact with either each other or other objects.

Nelson said there were a couple of isolated outages during the night in the Custer County area.

The number of customers currently without power was unavailable.

Nelson said he can't provide a time frame for power restoration though he is hoping for early afternoon. "They (the crews) are driving in the blizzard," he said. "It's rough going out there. It took a couple of hours to get from Stapleton to Thedford."