Dawson County Raceway June 30

Kelly Ninas
Staff Writer

The racing action was better than advertised as competitors put forth their best effort on a tacky track in hopes of earning a trip to Victory Lane during NAPA Night at the Races at Dawson County Raceway on Sunday evening.
No strangers to the Coca-Cola Victory Lane, multi-time victors at Dawson County Raceway Jordan Grabouski, Jeff Ware and Terry Tritt all welcomed Dillon Schultz and Bo Egge to the cherished territory.
In the Holbein Lawn Service/KLawn of Lexington IMCA Modified Feature, Kale Smith of Davenport was able to get off to a fast start in leading the first three laps of the feature before Jordan Grabouski of Beatrice was able to pilot his hot rod to the lead on lap four after a caution flag bunched up the field. Grabouski was able to lead the rest of the way to claim the victory from his fifth row starting position. Trying his best to chase down Grabouski for much of the feature was runner-up finisher Anthony Roth of Columbus. Roth drove his way onto the podium in second place overall after starting on the inside of the fifth row. Putting together a great effort, the Eddyville Flyer Chuck Stryker was rewarded for his efforts with a third place finish.
Driving the Schultz family hot rod, Dillon Schultz of North Platte was chomping at the bit to snare the lead in the Platte Valley Auto Mart IMCA Northern Sport Modified Feature and run away and hide. Schultz was able to work his plan to near perfection, as he garnered the lead from Andrew Rayburn of Gibbon on lap seven and never again trail to earn the victory from his fifth row starting spot. Doing his best to work through traffic, Tyler Andreasen of Grand Island weaved from top to bottom to find his way up to second place overall from his fifth row starting position. Being among the lead group from the onset of the feature, Jamey Kennicutt of Gothenburg was able to snare third place accolades for his efforts, as he started on the inside of the third row at the beginning of the main event.
In one of the most exciting races of the evening, fan favorite Bo Egge of Kearney was able to hold off any and all charges to earn the victory in the Levanders Body Shop IMCA Stock Car Feature. Egge started on the inside of the second row and was able to slip past fellow Kearney hot shoe Travis Kernick to take the lead on lap seven and never look back to claim the win. Flyin’ Farmer Kyle Clough of Wallace rolled up his sleeves and went to work with his hot rod as he started on the inside of the third row to climb onto the podium in second place overall after driving to the runner-up position for the final five laps of the feature. In hot pursuit of the leaders, Jordan Grabouski of Beatrice sliced and diced his way through traffic from his sixth row starting spot to be in contention in the final laps to finish third overall.
Keeping his streak of good fortunes going strong, Jeff Ware of Columbus was the victor in the Overton Sand and Gravel IMCA Hobby Stock Feature. Ware drove with gumption and his efforts were rewarded with a victory after he took the lead on lap 11 to hold onto the lead for the remaining laps. Tyler Barribo of Grand Island was able to take advantage of late race cautions to drive his way into contention for a podium finish just one rung down from Ware in second place overall. Early leader Brady Henderson of Curtis was able to stay among the leaders throughout the feature after leading the first 10 laps to finish third overall.
The competition was fierce throughout the feature for the Plum Creek Motors IMCA Sport Compacts with Terry Tritt of York being the first one to the finish line as he garnered the point on the sixth lap after the lone caution flag of the feature. Tritt started the feature on the inside of row five when the green flag was waved. Leading the way during the initial five laps was runner-up Brandon Leonard of Gibbon. Leonard started the feature event on the inside of the third row. Justin Smallcomb of Gibbon was able to go ‘elbows up’ and recover quite nicely from falling outside of the top five during the early circuits to be in the top three, in third place, near the halfway mark, where he would end up finishing the feature event.
Racing action returns to Dawson County Raceway on July 7th with the gates opening up at 3:30 p.m. with the green flag slated to be dropped at 6 p.m.

(Unofficial Results)
--IMCA Modified Feature: 1. 30-Jordan Grabouski; 2. 60iv-Anthony Roth; 3. 19-Chuck Stryker; 4. 34jw-Cole Hodges; 5. 20b-Brandon Clough; 6. 97m-David Murray Jr; 7. 16-Austin Svoboda; 8. 50s-Kale Smith; 9. 255-Zach Schultz; 10. 0hp-Bryan Herrick.
--IMCA Northern Sport Modified Feature: 1. 554-Dillon Schultz; 2. 13t-Tyler Andreasen; 3. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 4. 97-David Johnson; 5. 68-Craig Howard; 6. 8-Andrew Rayburn; 7. 69z-Zane Turner; 8. 12j-Kerry Jones; 9. 511-Zach Buesing; 10. 63-Troy Bayne.
--IMCA Stock Car Feature: 1. 1x-Bo Egge; 2. 11k-Kyle Clough; 3. 30-Jordan Grabouski; 4. 54p-Kyle Pfiefer; 5. 63-Mike Nichols; 6. 2x-Travis Kernick; 7. 71-Andrew Dillenburg; 8. 16w-Jeff Whiting; 9. 12az-Rick Maier; 10. 42w-Kyle Werkmeister.
--IMCA Hobby Stock Feature: 1. 83-Jeff Ware; 2. 14jr-Tyler Barribo; 3. 20b-Brady Henderson; 4. 5m-Frank Mladek; 5. 7d7-David Norquest; 6. 98z-Zach Olmstead; 7. R89-Nate Refior; 8. 5-Chuck Ledbetter; 9. 45r-Riley Kort; 10. 45-Spencer Galaway.
--IMCA Sport Compact Feature: 1. 5x-Terry Tritt; 2. 1-Brandon Leonard; 3. 85-Justin Smallcomb; 4. 14r-Rileigh Flohrs; 5. 07-Merle Johnson; 6. 74-Robert Clanton; 7. 71c-Christian Destefano; 8. 26-Marcus Florom; 9. 48j-Holly Beaslin; 10. 84d-Kaden Dady.