Deadline approaching for incumbents running in 2018 primary

Nebraska Secretary of State

The deadline is fast approaching for officeholders who wish to file as candidates for the 2018 primary election. Secretary of State John Gale says incumbents must file by the close of business on February 15. That includes anyone who currently holds office, but wants to file for a different one.

Available federal and state offices include: U.S. Senate, all three districts for the U.S. House of Representatives, Governor/Lt. Governor, State Treasurer, State Auditor, Secretary of State and Attorney General. Additionally, several districts have openings for the NU Board of Regents, Public Service Commission, State Board of Education and educational service units. All even-numbered districts in the Nebraska Legislature are up for election as well.

A link to open statewide offices can be found on the front page of the Secretary of State’s website (, along with filing forms, fees and instructions.

“Previously, candidates were also required to submit a C-1 form to my office,” said Gale. “That law has changed since 2016. Candidates still need to submit a C-1 form, which is also known as the Statement of Financial Interests. However, that form needs to be filed directly with the Accountability and Disclosure Commission.”

Anyone who is new to holding a public office can file through March 1. A list of statewide candidates is updated weekly on the Secretary of State’s website, along with other information pertinent to the May 15 primary.

Since the filing period opened, the Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s office has relocated to 1221 N Street, in downtown Lincoln. The office is located just west of Great Western Bank. Visitors should enter the main doors at Center on N and look for Suite 103 on the main floor.

Anyone needing assistance can call the Elections Division at 402-471-2555.