December 21 fires spread across sandhills

Staff Writer

UPDATED: December 21, fires were reported in three different counties across the sandhills. A small fire northeast of Taylor began from an old tree pile that rekindled from the strong winds that blew yesterday. Seven local fire departments from Taylor, Sargent, Burwell, Ericson, Brewster, Anselmo and South Pine responded to the blaze and were able to contain it before evening Wednesday. It was estmated that 2,000 acres had been burned, including 600 hay bales.
Another fire was reported several miles northeast of Sargent on Wednesday morning and was soon contained by Comstock and Sargent fire departments. Yet another fire reportedly began near a Callaway residence around noon but was quickly contained by the Callaway Fire Department as stated on the Sandhills Express website.
The largest fire to occur yesterday was in southern Valley County and moved northwest into Sherman County. Residents near Sherman Lake were evacuated as firefighters from at least 13 local departments came onto the scene. Departments from Ord, Arcadia, Loup City, Comstock, North Loup, Scotia, Ashton, Litchfield, Mason City, Ansley, Burwell, Elba and St. Paul all worked together to end the blaze.
The fire, which had begun around noon, was contained by Wednesday evening. Residents that were evacuated were allowed to return to their homes. Crews will be out today to check for any embers that could cause more damage.
No loss of life or injury has been reported. In addition, no structures were lost to the fires.