FFA labor auction nets high bids for services

The Broken Bow High School FFA Chapter hosted its 75th annual Labor Auction Jan. 17, in the high school cafeteria. The auction followed a soup supper fundraiser. A total of 55 students were auctioned off with the students required to work an 8-hour day for their buyer. Below is the list of this year’s students on the auction block, how they described themselves and how much they brought.Seniors Nate Birnie - “Most of the time people put what they like to do or what they are good at. For me it would be easier to tell what I don’t do. . . nothing comes to mind.” - $170 by his dad Matt Denson - “I like to pick up irrigation pipe on the hottest days of the summer.” - $80 by M&M Electric Brett Franzen - “I wear size 17 shoe and know where to put it. Go big or go home.” - $170 by 10X Livestock James Kaminski - “I like Polish food.” - $85 by M&M Electric Adam Millsap - “I have done a lot of different jobs and am not afraid to work.” - $75 by Trotter Fertilizer Derek McCormick - “Bad smells don’t bother me.” - $140 by Plainview Ranch Devin O’Brien - “If you have problems with varmints I’m the guy you need.” - $130 by Plainview Ranch Hadley Storms - “I like to clean feed bunks or grain bins.” - $80 by Kevin CooksleyJuniors Tristen Beck - “RED DEAD REDEMPTION.” - $155 by Trotter Fertilizer Kourtnee Bleich - “I like doing housework, inside and out.” - $70 by SueEllen Koepke Mareena Cole - “Will work for cake.” - $115 by KCNI/KBBN Cody Dierking - “Winner of the doughnut mile, which means I like food a lot.” - $130 by Norm Custer Jonaya Doggett - “I’m a good worker, love painting, babysitting and warm weather. I help my dad, Casey, who owns Doggett’s Tree Service.” - $160 by Doggett’s Tree Service Nakia Erickson - “Watch out boys, this girl’s about to work circles around you!” - $80 by Kevin Cooksley Logann Harris - “I love working with flowers, but I’ll settle for windows.” - $85 by her dad Mattie Klinkman - “I enjoy babysitting and cleaning indoors and can do outdoors things. I am a hard worker.” - $80 by her mom Jake McCormick - “I like working with birds.” - $165 by Plainview Ranch Justin McCullough - “Brandings are my specialty.” - $150 by Clifford Olson Brandon Miller - “I like to drive fast, but I can work faster.” - $80 KCNI/KBBN Chelsea Moore - “I like to talk and I am pretty sure I could convince anybody to do anything.” - $80 by Plainview Ranch Ashley Schweitzer - “I can do just about anything, but I am very good at mowing lawns and painting walls.” - $120 by her dad Kyle Schweitzer - “I work as well as I get fed!!” - $220 by Pirnie Brothers Liz Shada - “I don’t say much.” - $80 by SueEllen Koepke Sidney Troxel - “I like to work outside.” - $190 by Travis Shauda Stephen Wilkie - “My pants do hang low but I love deep manure and pitchforks.” - $80 by 10X Livestock Mikensie Wright - “I like to work with horses.” - $130 by Travis Shauda Nathan Martin - no bio - $120 by KCNI/KBBNAdvisor Lonnie Koepke - “I am very versatile, just ask my wife.” - $140 by Trotter FertilizerSophomores Jarod Allen - “I am up for anything.” - $150 by Plainview Ranch Desarae Catlett - “I am a hard worker and love to be outdoors.” - $90 by KC Trucking Laine Clark - “For you, anything.” - $190 by Trotter Fertilizer Dusty Easterday - “I enjoy working with plants.” - $85 by Doggett’s Tree Service Jennifer Gallett - “I enjoy being around animals but don’t know much about calves or steers. I also like cleaning and babysitting.” - $95 unkown Kelsey Gaukel - “I’m a hard worker and I like to work outside.” - $115 by Christie Berghorst Courtney Kleeb - “I like working with animals especially huge calves that need branded.” - $140 by David Summerford Zach Hammond - “I like hot or way below freezing temperatures but I am not good at counting things.” - $125 by Plainview Ranch Dustyn Neaterous - “I’m the answer to your problems.” - $80 by Trotter Fertilizer Ashley O’Pry - “I enjoy babysitting and working with animals. I have a bad back so I can’t do much heavy lifting though.” - $70 unknown Reggie Ripp - “I Git-R-Done.” - $135 by KC Trucking Carrie Summerford - “Will work hard for anyone but my parents.” - $125 by her momFreshmen Taelor Cole - “I can work inside and outside, but prefer being outside.” - $80 by Sue Ellen Koepke Brad Finney - “I am basically the answer to all your problems. You name it I do it.” - $130 by Plainview Ranch Spencer French - “I enjoy working with cattle.” - $180 by Gene French Jaden Garey - “I like cleaning up after horses and cattle.” - $160 by Trotter Fertilizer Scott Gates - “Will work to the best of my knowledge.” - $155 by KC Trucking Morgan Hueftle - “Dynamite comes in small packages.” - $95 by Travis Shauda Matt Holloway - “I like to work outside.” - $175 by Holloway Electric Julia Loy - “I like pulling staples and working with flowers.” - $110 by Travis Shauda Colton Mack - “I can do anything that needs to be done.” - $140 by K&K Backhoe Jill Oatman - “Knows how to use a broom not how to ride one.” - $150 by V-Bar Dillon Olson - “I like mowing, scooping snow, raking, etc.” - $105 by K&K Backhoe Gage Pollard - “I enjoy working outdoors and don’t mind working cattle and am good on horseback.” - $110 by Kevin Cooksley Jacob Porter - “I love wrestlling calves, girls, and I’m not too bad at cleaning chicken coops.” - $110 by S&L Sanitation Evan Rose - “I like to run things with handles, such as shovels and pitchforks.” - $155 by KC Trucking Owen Sierks - “I enjoy working hard outdoors and using a chainsaw. I also enjoy working on a farm or ranch.” - $125 by Lonnie Koepke Breanna Wilkie - “I love to work with animals.” - $80 unknown