Follow up on AG investigation of Broken Bow incident

Staff Writer

From the April 25, 2019 issue of the Custer County Chief:

Investigation of incident continues

An April 6, 2019 incident in Broken Bow continues to be investigated by the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office and the Nebraska State Patrol.

The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) denied the Custer County Chief’s request for information as the matter is still under investigation. The NSP said another request for information could be made in 30-60 days.

The Broken Bow Police Department released the police record of an April 6 ambulance call that is related to the incident. The Chief will not publish information about the police record until additional information is available.

The Chief has learned that an eye witness who has been interviewed by authorities has placed Broken Bow Mayor Jon Berghorst at the April 6 disturbance. The eyewitness has chosen not to be publicly identified.

The Chief reached out to Mayor Berghorst Tuesday, April 23, but had not heard back by press time.

The investigation is still in the hands of the Nebraska Attorney General.

The Chief will continue to follow the investigation.

Follow-up April 26, 2019: After the Broken Bow City Council meeting, Tuesday, April 23, Mayor Berghorst said due to the ongoing investigation he would not comment at this time.