Hoped-for purchase of Broken Bow Care & Rehab not going through

Staff Writer

Jennifer Larson, Director of Nursing at Broken Bow Care and Rehabilitation, announced Tuesday afternoon (Apr. 3, 2019) the proposed purchase of the facility by a local person will not being going through. However, the facility could return to local ownership if community members or individuals are interested in buying it

Last Thursday, the facility was notified that their closing date is May 27. On Friday it was reported a local person stepped forward with intent to purchase the facility.

Today Larson confirmed that she and her husband were the potential buyers but that the purchase will not go through. “It’s bigger that what my husband and I can do,” she said.

Larson says she is reaching out to the community so that interested parties can contact her if they would like to be part of a community group to purchase the facility.

“We have laid the groundwork. We’ve done about 75 percent of the work,” she said. “Now it’s in the community's hands...The clock is ticking. May 27 is still the date the door is set to shut. Anyone interested can contact me here at the facility.”

The total dollar amount needed to purchase the facility was not given in order to not hamper any negotiations that may take place.

Benefits of local ownership, Larson said, would be local people taking care of local people. “It’s all about the people, the residents,” she said. “We need to take care of each other.”

Suzanne Glendy, Alzheimer’s Care Director, says that it’s important to know who is taking care of your loved ones. “Here you know who is taking care of your loved ones,” she said, whether it be long term elder care or short term rehabilitation.”It’s not agency care. It’s local people. That what somebody’s name on the front door could mean.”

In addition to the care for residents, the staff knows there is an economic impact. The facility employees approximately 40 people.

“That’s 40 families affected, 40 jobs lost,” Stephanie Olson with Broken Bow Care and Rehab said.

Larson was with a facility in Sargent when it closed some years ago. She doesn’t want to see the same thing happen in Broken Bow. “Sargent didn’t know what they were losing until it was too late,” she said.

If the facilities closes, the options for many of the residents may be limited to Callaway, Burwell, Cozad or North Platte, depending upon income levels.

Larson and the staff realizes that Broken Bow Care and Rehabilitation has a negative reputation to overcome and credits that to an overriding reason. “Being run by a large corporation that didn’t care who we were, that’s my personal opinion,” she said and added that she believes the staff has worked hard to knock that away. Now she hopes someone in the community will want to pick up and move the facility forward.

“I’m putting it out there to the community. The fate of this building is in their hands,” she said. She confirmed that at this time there is no other corporation looking to purchase the facility.

Business will continue as usual until May 27. At that time, the facility will close if a purchase is not made. Working to find people interested in purchasing the facility is important to Larson but it is not the number one priority.

“My primary focus is the residents,” she said. “The residents are number one. I can’t take my focus off of that.”

The long term and rehabilitation care facility currently is home for 25 residents.

Person interested in purchasing the facility or wanting more information on what it would take to return the facility to community ownership should contact Larson at Broken Bow Care and Rehabilitation at 308-872-6421.