Lions launch new building project

The Broken Bow Lions have a dream. They would like to build a ‘Helping Hands House’, a 28x66 foot building to house the Broken Bow Ministerial Association’s Food Pantry, and to house the furniture and appliances they gather for families in need. The building would be located on donated land. City variances have been approved, the State Fire Marshall’s office has approved the drawings and a 501c3 has been applied for. They have raised $19,000 of the estimated $62,000 the project will cost. “We’ve been fund raising to keep the club running and have done just great, especially with the peaches and pear sale and the fire works stand,” said Don Wolford, Lions Club spokesperson for the project, “Things are going well.” There have been a lot of questions asked over the last couple of weeks, so Wolford said he wanted to answer any question the community might have. The building will be owned by the Lions Club, and the Lions will pay the insurance. The Food Pantry will not pay any rent, just like they aren’t paying any rent right now, but they will be asked to pay the electric bill. The Food Pantry is currently located in a building owned by Mike Evans and Evans said they are welcome to stay, said Wolford, but in the Helping Hands House they will have heat and air conditioning, a handicap accessible bathroom, and more room. “Bump Markham will be the contractor,” he added, “and he has already donated a lot of his time. He’s been able to get a lot of donated materials.” The project has been in the planning stage for several years. In addition to the Food Pantry, it will house the furniture, appliances, kitchen utensils and bedding to have available if someone has a fire or if there is a family in need.