Local woman becomes published poet

At nearly 78-years-young, Anna Schuler of Broken Bow is living proof that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. For the past 30+ years, Anna has been putting her thoughts on paper in the form of poetry. Just this past month she had one of those poems published. Anna grew up in Rock County, and learned the meaning of hard work at a young age. She helped out on the family ranch all through her formative years, and still managed to get high enough grades to earn the honor of salutatorian of the Class of 1954 from Rock County High School in Bassett. After working for a year in real estate abstract, Anna met and married Charles Schuler of Taylor. The couple made their home in Taylor, where Charles operated his own gravel business. Anna was a stay at home mom with their three children. When the kids got a little older, Anna began a career in nursing, and spent more than 30 years in that field. She worked at both nursing homes in Broken Bow during the 1960s and 70s, and has worked nearly every phase of nursing, she says. While she was pursuing her passion in her career, Anna was also fulfilling her passion to write. She had developed a love for poetry in her much younger years, but didn’t actually begin writing until her mid to late 30s. “I had outstanding teachers,” Anna recalls of her childhood. “My 8th grade teacher had quite an effect on me. She was determined to make sure I graduated toward the top of my class - and I did.” Anna says it was that teacher who got her started reading poetry, and she has never stopped. In fact, she can still recite some of the poems she memorized all those years ago. She has now written about 40 poems - many of them reflecting her deep faith. When she saw an advertisement for a poetry contest in the local newspaper late in November 2012, she decided - why not? So she entered, and her poem was selected for print. In her letter from the book’s publishers, Anna was encouraged to consider publishing her own book of poetry. She says that is something she may do some day. Though her eyes light up when she talks about her love for writing poetry, nothing makes Anna’s face glow like talking about her children. “Writing poetry is not nearly the accomplishment that I have enjoyed raising three wonderful, up-standing adults,” says an emotional Anna. One of her daughters, Pat Thomas, resides in Broken Bow where she owns and operates Custer Floral. Anna says she has always enjoyed staying busy, both physically and mentally. She has read hundreds of books in her lifetime, and still loves to read every chance she gets. And she says she plans to continue to write poetry just as long as she is able. The book which features Anna’s poem is titled In My Lifetime, and was published by Eber and Wein Publishing Company. The book is available on Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com.