Local woman selected for TV show

Kimaree (Behrends) Woodward admits she was not like alot of other girls growing up. While other girls were playing house, Kimaree was learning how to shoot guns and bows and arrows. She says she has always been an “outdoors woman”, and when her dad happened to run across a TV show dedicated to women just like her, he immediately called her and told her about it. The show is called “Ammo & Attitude” and airs on NBC Sports. It is the creation of Stephanie Shipman, executive producer and owner of The Shipman Agency, Inc. Upon prompting from her father, Kimaree tuned in and says she was hooked from the first time she saw it. “I fell in love with the show! I watched it and thought, ‘hey, Ican do that!”, Kimaree recalls. She did some checking on the process to apply to be on the show and sent in her application for Season 3, but missed the deadline. She says she was encouraged to reapply for Season 4, so when the application period opened up she did just that. Along with the application form, Kimaree submitted a short video and some pictures of her participating in outdoor activities similar to those featured on the Ammo & Attitude TV show. Knowing there would be lots of other applicants, she just kind of put it to the back of her mind. Then on a cold January day, as she was preparing to go to her grandfather’s funeral, the call came. “It was definitely a shock to get the call - I never dreamed when I applied!,” she says. “I just thought, they will either like it or they won’t like it but at least I tried - then I got the call!” The 1999 Broken Bow High School graduate is now married, to husband Bernie, and the mother of two boys - Travis, 10, and Teagan, 3. She is a stay-at-home mom who for the past couple of weeks has been devoting as much time as possible to practicing and preparing for the show. Ammo & Attitude features six contestants competing in a variety of outdoor activities, such as shooting various firearms, shooting bow and arrow and cross bow, hatchet throwing, kayaking and others. The contestants do not know what the competition will be until that day’s filming. Kimaree will leave for Florida in April, where she will remain for at least 15 days while the show is being filmed. During that time she will not have contact with her family or friends back home. From watching previous episodes, Kimaree has some idea of the types of challenges she will be facing, and says she is trying to hone her skills in all areas. She says she has always loved archery and has done a lot of that anyway, but has been practicing more lately. Kimaree also says she has been shooting pistols more since getting the call, as that is the firearm she shoots the least. As far as preparations for her family, Kimaree says she talked with her husband about the possibility of being accepted when she applied, and he assured her that with a little help from grandma he and the kids would be just fine. “I’m really pumped and excited to go!” Kimaree exclaims. “I don’t think the reality has 100 percent sunk in yet!” Competitors are eliminated throughout the weeks of competition, narrowing the field down to just two in the finals. The grand prize winner will receive a 2013 Dodge Ram Outdoorsman, and Kimaree says there are “tons of other prizes.” “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I am ready!”, says this excited mom. The dates for the fall 2013 season of Ammo & Attitude have not yet been set, and Kimaree promises to keep us informed when they are.