A-M Speech members 2016-2017

A-M Speech TeamA-M Speech Team with awardsSeniors

The Anselmo-Merna Speech team was unintentionally omitted from the annual Fine Arts Tab printed by the Chief. Pictures and names provided by Erica Crouch, the A-M Speech Coach.

Picture 1 A-M Speech Team: (L to R back row): MaShayla Burnett, Malinda Osienger, Olivia Bryant, Victoria Griffith, Rhett Safranek, Meghan Burnett. Front row (L to R): Shelby Spanel, Kenzie McMullen, Mattie Bumgarner, Caitlin Nelson, and Jesica Spanel.

Picture 2 A-M Speech Team with Awards: (L to R back row) MaShayla Burnett, Mattie Bumgarner, Rhett Safranek, Olivia Bryant, Caitlin Nelson, and Victoria Griffith. Front row (L to R) Malinda Osienger, Jesica Spanel, Kenzie McMullan, Shelby Spanel, and Meghan Burnett.

Picture 3 A-M Seniors: (L to R) Jesica Spanel, Kenzie McMullen and Shelby Spanel. The seniors members of the A-M speech team pose with the 3rd place MNAC plaque.

Picture 4 A-M OID 2 speech: (L to R) Malinda Osienger, MaShayla Burnett, Shelby Spanel, Meghan Burnett, and Rhett Safranek perform Chicken Bones for the Teenage Soup by Alan Haehnel.

Picture 5 A-M OID 1 speech: (L to R) Victoria Griffith, Caitlin Nelson, Mattie Bumgarner, Olivia Bryant and Jesica Spanel perform Nunsense II by Dan Goggi