Moose Sighted in Broken Bow

Staff Writer

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission officials urge citizens of Broken Bow and surrounding areas to use caution and common sense after a moose was sighted within the city limits.
The moose has been in the rural area for several weeks but recently ventured into town. Game and Parks biologists are communicating with local law enforcement about the moose’s location. If the opportunity presents itself, officials will attempt to direct the moose out of town.
Officials stress that people should not approach the moose to take pictures or attempt to feed it as they have been known to become aggressive toward people and pets. For the safety of the public and the moose respect his space.
Aggressive moose often show a variety of signs, including pinned back or flattened ears with hair raised around the neck and back. Other signs are a lowered head, stomping feet and teeth clicking or licking of its lips. In the case of a moose charging, people are encouraged to run and not stand their ground.