More storms bring heavy rains

Another round of severe storms made their way through the region last night, dumping heavy rains, some small hail and prompting several tornado warnings. Tornado sirens were sounded in Broken Bow about 4 p.m. Wednesday, after the National Weather Service in North Platte reported seeing rotation on their radar about 8 miles southwest of Broken Bow heading northeast. While there were no confirmed reports of an actual tornado touching down in or around Broken Bow, there was a confirmed report by a trained spotter of a tornado on the ground near Comstock.NTV News reported just over 3.3 inches of rain fell in Broken Bow between mid-afternoon and 9 p.m. or so Wednesday. The heavy downpour resulted in some low-land flooding, prompting the closing of the Callaway Road. There were also reports of water over Highway 2 near Anselmo, and the water briefly went over the bridge and Highway 70 on the east edge of Broken Bow.Luckily, however, there were no reports of any injuries or property damage as of this morning from the storm.