MULLEN: Track skills tested in Arnold

ARNOLD -- Anselmo-Merna, Mullen, Sandhills/Thedford and Twin Loup all participated in the Mullen Invite at Arnold April 5. Results follow starting with the girls. Girls Results The teams scores were 1st-Mullen-161 pts.; 2nd-Anselmo-Merna-126 pts.; 3rd-Twin Loup-107 pts. and 4th-Sandhills/Thedford-76 pts. 100 M: 1st-Jessica Lovitt, Mullen-13.3; 2nd-Whitney Steckel, Twin Loup-13.9; 3rd-Emily Vinton, Mullen-14.1; 4th-Tristan Kirwan-14.1+; 5th-Brathe Myers, Anselmo-Merna-14.8; 6th-Lindsey Burnett, Anselmo-Merna-15.0 200 M: 1st-Jessica Lovitt, Mullen-28.5; 2nd-Tristan Kirwan, Twin Loup-29.3; 3rd-Tami Myers, Anselmo-Merna-29.7; 4th-Shaelynn Laible, Anselmo-Merna-29.7+; 5th-Kyra Miles, Sandhills/Thedford-31.5; 6th-Lindsey Burnett, Anselmo- Merna-31.6 400 M: 1st-Tami Myers, Anselmo-Merna-1:04.4; 2nd-Jessica Lovitt, Mullen-1:04.5; 3rd-McKenzie Stefka, Twin Loup-1:08.4; 4th-Brittni McCully, Mullen-1:09.3; 5th-Jesica Spanel, Anselmo-Merna-1:15.6; 6th-Jaci Edis, Mullen-1:16.4 800 M: 1st-Liddy Vinton, Mullen-2:48.8; 2nd-Jesica Spanel, Anselmo Merna-2:55.0; 3rd-Kindra Dunbar, Twin Loup-2:59.0; 4th-BtittneyBrown, Twin Loup-3:00.1; 5th-Kelsey Thompson, Anselmo-Merna-3;06.5; 6th-Keesha Albrecht, Sandhills/Thedford-3:13.6 1600 M: 1st-Elizabeth Kramer, Anselmo-Merna-5:53.6; 2nd-Liddy Vinton, Mullen-6;22.7; 3rd-Bethany Vinton, Mullen-6;23.7; 4th-Kindra Dunbar, Twin Loup-6:25.2; 5th-Emily Boyer, Mullen-6:31.0; 6th-Kelsey Thompson, Sandhills/Thedford-6:42.1 3200 M: 1st-Elizabth Kramer, Anselmo-Merna-12:56.4; 2nd-Emily Boyer, Mullen-14:35.3; 3rd-Clancy Hesseltine, Sandhills/Thedford-14:47.3; 4th-Sydney Wells, Anselmo- Merna-14:56.9 100 Hurdles: 1st-Traci Cooley, Mullen-17.6; 2nd-Emily Vinton, Mullen-18.5; 3rd-Frankie Sierks, Sandhills/Thedford-19.8; 4th-Kenzie McMullen, Anselmo-Merna-20.1 300 Int. Hurdles: 1st-Traci Cooley, Mullen-50.3; 2nd-Emily Vinton, Mullen-53.6; 3rd-McKenzie Stefka, Twin Loup-54.4; 4th-Kyra Miles, Sandhills/Thedford-55.4; 5th-Btittni McCully, Mullen-55.7; 6th-Shaelynn Laible, Anselmo-Merna-56.0 Long Jump: 1st-Tami Myers, Anselmo-Merna-15’-9”; 2nd-Whitney Steckel, Twin Loup-14’-2”; 3rd-Liddy Vinton, Mullen-13’-7’; 4th-Brathe Myers, Anselmo Merna-13’- 5 3/4”; 5th-Shaylee Scranton, Sandhills/Thedford-13’-4”; 6th-Rebecca Clark, Twin Loup-13’- 1 1/4” Triple Jump: 1st-Shaylee Scranton, Sandhills/Thedford-33’- 1”; 2nd-Tami Myers, Anselmo-Merna-32”- 8 1/2”; 3rd-Kyra Miles, Sandhills/Thedford-29’- 10 1/2”; 4th-Katie Coble, Mullen-27’- 2’; 5th-Jaci Edis, Mullen-26’- 5 1/2” High Jump: 1st-Shannon Morse, Twin Loup-4’- 10”; 2nd-Whitney Steckel, Twin Loup-4’- 8”; 3rd-Shaylee Scranton, Sandhills/Thedford-4’- 6”; 4th-Rebecca Clark, Twin Loup-4’- 6”; 5th-Kenzie McCullen, Anselmo-Merna-4’- 4”; 6th-Kelsey Higgins, Sandhills/Thedford-4’- 2” Shot Put: 1st-Jayden Burnett, Anselmo-Merna-30’- 6 1/2”; 2nd-Megan Max, Anselmo-Merna-30’- 2”; 3rd-Becca Higgins, Sandhills/Thedford-29’- 3”; 4th-Rachele Spanel, Twin Loup-27’- 4 1/2”; 5th-Jaci Edis, Mullen-26’- 9 1/2”; 6th-Michaela Chasek, Mullen-26’- 8” Discuss: 1st-Megan Max, Anselmo-Merna-123’- 0”; 2nd-Becca Higgins, Sandhills/Thedford-105’- 3”; 3rd-Emily Kramer, Mullen-83’- 0”; 4th-Hailey Glidden, Twin Loup-82’- 2’; 5th-Rachele Spanel, Twin Loup-77’- 11”; 6th-Haley Gracey, Mullen-70’- 1” 4x100 M: 1st-mullen-55.7; 2nd-Anselmo Merna-56.6; 3rd-Sandhills/Thedford-57.2; 4th-Twin Loup-58.1 4x400 M: 1st-Twin Loup-4:45.6; 2nd-Mullen-4;54.6; 3rd-Sandhills/Thedford-4:54.6+; 4th-Anselmo-Merna-5:09.2 4x800 M: 1st-Mullen-11:54.4; 2nd-Twin Loup-12:35.9; 3rd-Sandhills/Thedford-12;53.1 Boys Results The team scores were 1st-Twin Loup-167 pts.; 2nd-Mullen-152.5 pts.; 3rd-Anselmo-Merna-107.5 pts.; 4th-Sandhills/Thedford-43 pts. 100 M: 1st-Dexter Griebel, Twin Loup-11.6; 2nd-Wade Vincent, Twin Loup-12.1; 3rd-Brode McIntosh, Mullen-12.3; 4th-Joel Van Diest, Sandhills/Thedford-12.3; 5th-Btitt McIntosh, Mullen-12.4; 6th-Keenan Stupka, Anselmo-Merna-12.4+ 200 M: 1st-Dexter Griebel, Twin Loup-23.8; 2nd-Keenan Stupka, Anselmo-Merna-25.0; 3rd-Joel Van Diest, Sandhills/Thedford-25.1; 4th-Dylan Andersen, Sandhills/Thedford-25.1+; 5th-Colby Collier, Sandhills/Thedford-25.4; 6th-Brode McIntosh, Mullen-26.0 400 M: 1st-Jack Gibbens, Twin Loup-53.6; 2nd-Keenan Stupka, Anselmo-Merna-54.5; 3rd-Colin Lamberts, Anselmo-Merna-58.1; 4th-Lance Moore, Mullen-58.3; 5th-Darren Leibhart, Mullen-58.3+; 6th-Dylan Andersen, Sandhills/Thedford-58.7 800 M: 1st Jack Gibbens, Twin Loup-2:15.4; 2nd-Colin Lamberts, Anselmo-Merna-2:24.5; 3rd-Marshall Gibbens, Twin Loup-2:26.9; 4th-Justus Monette, Mullen-2:27.8; 5th-Thomas Peterson, Sandhills/Thedford-2:28.7; 6th-Joseph Vinton, Mullen-2:29.6 1600 M: 1st-Thomas peterson,Sandhills/Thedford-5:28.3; 2nd-Justus Monette, Mullen-5:29.5; 3rd-Jesse Sandoz, Twin Loup-5:52.9; 4th-Mitchell Burnett, Anselmo-Merna-5:57.4; 5th-JW Schroede, Twin Loup-6:13.0 3200 M: 1st-Adam Christen, Anselmo-Merna-11:26.6; 2nd-Justus Monette, Mullen-12:31.4; 3rd-Joseph Vinton, Mullen-12:36.4; 4th-JW Schroede, Twin Loup-13:13.4; 5th-Jesse Sandoz, Twin Loup-13:23.7 110 High Hurdles: 1st-Lancde Moore, Mullen-17.3; 2nd-Michael Gibbens, Twin Loup-17.7; 3rd-Gideon Monette, Mullen-18.6; 4th-Shaun Christen, Anselmo-Merna-18.6+; 5th-Samuel Vinton, Mullen-50.1; 6th-Isaac Lavato, Twin Loup-22.5 300 Int. Hurdles: 1st-Gideon Monette, Mullen-46.0; 2nd-Lance Moore, Mullen-46.1; 3rd-Michael Gibbens, Twin Loup-48.4; 4th-Shaun Christen, Anselmo-Merna-49.4; 5th-Samuel Vinton, Mullen-50.1; 6th-Isaac Lavato, Twin Loup-58.0 Long Jump: 1st-Dexter Griebel, Twin Loup-19’- 0”; 2nd-Joel Van Diest, Sandhills/Thedford-18’- 4 1/5”; 3rd-Brayden Davis, Twin Loup-18”- 1 1/4”; 4th-Colby Collier, Sandhills/Thedford-17’- 11 1/2”; 5th-Ethan Allen, Twin Loup-16’- 4 1/4”; 6th-Peyton Call, Mullen-15’- 6 1/4” Triple Jump: 1st-Jack Gibbens, Twin Loup-42’- 3 1/2”; 2nd-Brayden Davis, Twin Loup-37’- 0”; 3rd-Dusty Chandler, Anselmo-Merna-36”- 5 1/2”; 4th-Marshall Gibbens, Twin Loup-36’- 5”; 5th-Caden Jameson, Sandhills/Thedford-34’- 4’; 6th-Peyton Call, Mullen-32’- 3” High Jump: 1st-Dusty Chandler, Anselmo-Merna-5’- 10”; 2nd-Keenan Stupka, Anselmo-Merna-5’- 4”; 3rd-Joseph Vinton, Mullen-5’- 0”; 4th-Samuel Vinton, Mullen-5’- 0” Shot Put: 1st-Tye Spies, Mullen-42’- 3”; 2nd-Britt McIntosh, Mullen-41’- 11”; 3rd-Dakota Divine, Twin Loup-39’- 4’; 4th-Tyler Chandler, Anselmo-Merna-35’- 1 1/2”; 5th-Dane Hansen, Twin Loup-34’- 2”; 6th-Gideon Monette, Mullen-31’- 6” Discuss: 1st-Tye Spies, Mullen-132’- 9”; 2nd-Brayden Davis, Twin Loup-125’- 6’; 3rd-Emmet Storer, Mullen-112’- 3”; 4th-Tyler Chandler, Anselmo-Merna-108’- 6”; 5th-Dane Hansen, Twin Loup-99’- 10”; 6th-Paul Sandoz, Twin Loup-89’- 11” 4x100 M: 1st-Twin Loup-46.9; 2nd-Mullen-52.4; 3rd-Anselmo-Merna-55.2 4x400 M: 1st-Mullen-3:54.9; 2nd-Twin Loup-3:56.4; 3rd-Anselmo-Merna-4:50.9 4x800 M: 1st-Anselmo-Merna-9;42.4; 2nd-Mullen-9:45.2; 3rd-Twin Loup-10:41.0