Multiple vehicle accident Ryno Rd & Hwy 2 west of Broken Bow - Hwy 2 closed, traffic rerouted

Staff Writer

A multiple-vehicle accident has caused the shutdown of Hwy 2 in west Broken Bow. The accident occurred at approximately 3:15 today (Friday 1/11/19).

It appears a collision occurred at Ryno Rd and Hwy 2. It's not certain at this time how many vehicles were involved, at least two and maybe three.

Both rescue and fire are on the scene, along with local law enforcement.

West-bound traffic is being turned off the highway at at Trotter's.

If you need to access Callaway Rd or west Hwy 2, do so via Memorial Drive until Hwy 2 is re-opened.

It is not known at this time how many people were injured. Unofficial reports are one person has already been transported to Melham Medical Center.