New sirens to go in this week - will be tested Thursday

The monthly testing of the tornado sirens in the city of Broken Bow was changed this month from the first Tuesday of the month (today) to Thursday, Sept. 5. Part of the reason for that change was to allow the newly installed sirens in town to be tested with the others. At their June 11 meeting, the Broken Bow City Council gave approval to add a new siren in the vicinity of Shopko and Ag-Land ATV, to cover the western area of town, and to update the existing siren on top of the fire hall. The bid for that project, as accepted by the council, was $17,000 - which does not include installation or running power to the new siren. Those items would add approximately another $5,000-8,000 to the project, for a total cost of between $22,000 and $25,000. City Facilitator Andy Holland says the plan is to have the new sirens installed and ready to test with the others on Thursday. However, should there be threatening weather that day, the sirens will not be tested. A mobile truck is being brought in, which will be taken around town to accurately test each siren. The test is expected to last about an hour.