New Year resolutions

By Deb McCaslinChief PublisherIs it really 2013? Where did 2012 go ... actually when did we cross into the 21st century. It is kind of funny, as you get older, time passes more quickly. The memories of your children in the their youth and of your own youth come flooding over in technicolor. Cecil B. deMille would be so proud. But as the next year creeps in, and the old creeps out, it creates a wonderful opportunity to open a new door, to look at your bucket list of things to do, places to visit, to revisit your past, but also look to the future. I have to note here that my bucket list never seems to get any smaller, as I make new discoveries about theis world of ours, it just grows. Back on target ... Pearson Physical Therapy has put together a terrific weightloss challenge (note to self ... get in on the challenge and even take it seriously.) They are organizing a Weight Loss ‘Jackpot’ for anyone interested in reducing their weight. You $20 entry fee will go into a central pot with 50 percent of the funds being paid back to the top three biggest losers. The other 50 percent will be donated to a quadriplegic patient toward the purchse of an FES bike. This is such a win-win, and I for one am always in faovr of a win-win. Pearson Physical Therapy, PC will even be donating added money to the jackpot. Intitial weigh-ins will be the week of Jan. 7-11 with the final weigh-in, just in time for spring, March 7-12. For more info give them a call at 308-872-5800. I thought I’d mention another good thing, and a great plus for Broken Bow. Here locally, Jennie Melham Memorial Medical Center saw a need in the community for a good wellness center, complete with first class equipment and showers so they built one. There are family and/or individual memberships available. Mike Steckler, JMMMC CEO, says the center is going great, lots of members, and good commraderie for folks who go, but remember, your membership only serves a purpose if attendence becomes part of your routine. Time is such a precious element and I catch myself giving most of mine away, but it is too precious to not keep a little back for yourself, and consequently your family. Time cherished, nurished, and planned has a tendency to be more productive, at work and at play. So this is my resolution ... I would like to become more focused, more consious of time, keeping a little more back for myself, and while I’m at it, I’m adding my name to the weight-loss challenge over at Becky’s place. “It’ll do this body good.”