Non-profits invited to learn about IMPACT

Staff Writer

Great Plains Communications will launch the IMPACT Community Program 6-7 p.m., Thursday, April 20 at the Cobblestone Hotel & Suites, Broken Bow, in the Plains Equipment room.

The program offers non-profit organizations the resources to implement specific projects that make a significant difference in the local community. All members of non-profit organizations wishing to learn more about participation are encouraged to attend.

The goal of the IMPACT program is to provide a unique vehicle to empower community members and organizations to take charge of making a difference by identifying projects that truly matter to area residents. Once identified, local non-profit organizations can receive funds to the implement and sustain approved projects that solve a problem, serve a need and/or further develop the local community.

“Great Plains Communications chose the city of Broken Bow as the focus of the 2017 IMPACT program because of the town’s strong commitment to community and their positive attitude towards making changes while maintaining tradition,” Casey Garrigan, Marketing & Sales Relations Manager, Great Plains Communications, said. “The Broken Bow community tagline is ‘rooted, but not standing still.’ That says it all.”

The program was developed around the idea that civic-minded communities like Broken Bow can come together and identify projects that will have the greatest and most positive IMPACT, and then commit to implementing and sustaining those projects. IMPACT is about people coming together to make great things happen.