NSAA Board of Directors Meeting & Representative Assembly April 5-6

Staff Writer

The Consent Agenda for the NSAA Board of Directors meeting was approved as presented.
The NSAA Board of Directors considered all approved rulings that passed the January District Meetings. Passing
proposals of note:
-Permitting 22 players on the district
baseball roster (up from 20) passed by an 8-0 vote.
-The postseason basketball format for Classes C1, C2, D1 & D2 will now include 12, four or five team sub-districts, with the winners and the next four highest wildcard averages advancing to a district final round that will beseeded 1 through 16, with 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, etc. District finals will be played at a centralized, neutral location. This proposal passed by a vote of 5-3.
-By a vote of 8-0, one assistant golf coach will now be allowed to coach and give advice, with the understanding that such coaches must be certificated.
-The NSAA Board approved the addition of a 3rd class in Journalism by a 7-1 vote.
-A 7th and 8th place match at the NSAA State Tennis Championships was approved by a 7-1 vote.
-In Class D wrestling only, schools will be permitted to enter two wrestlers in the same weight class, with a maximum of 14 total wrestlers per team. This proposal was passed by a 7-1 vote.
-The proposal addressing changes to NSAA State Dual Wrestling was amended (8-0 vote on amendment) to include duals from dual tournaments. The proposal, as amended, was passed by a 7-1 vote. The qualifying criteria for the state dual championships will include a “wildcard system” and the event will be the Saturday of Week 31 on the NSAA calendar, which is the week prior to districts.
-By a vote of 7-1, the NSAA Board approved a proposal to move volleyball sub-districts, districts and district finals one week earlier to Week
17 of the NSAA Calendar and also move the NSAA Volleyball Championships one week earlier to Week 18 of the NSAA Calendar, starting in 2019.
-The NSAA Board of Directors amended the December 2018 moratorium dates for the girls basketball programs for Fremont, Omaha Northwest
and South Sioux City High School to a period of five consecutive days that must include December 24th and 25th, 2018.
-The NSAA Representative Assembly met at the NSAA Offices on Friday, April 6. The delegates considered five proposals. Allproposals can
be found by viewing the agenda on the NSAA website. Full minutes of the meeting are available in addition to full voting results. Proposals of note:
-The proposal that would set a school’s classification shall be based on a single gender enrollment passed by a vote of 49 for and 2 against. Football, boys tennis, boys basketball, wrestling, boys golf, boys soccer and baseball will be classified on boy enrollment only, with volleyball, softball, girls basketball, girls golf, girls tennis and girls soccer being classified on girl enrollment only.
-A proposal to add bowling as a sanctioned NSAA activity was defeated by the voting delegates by a vote of 19 in favor, 32 opposed.
-The proposal for Class D1 and D2 speech student to be allowed to enter and participate in 3 events passed by a vote of 37 votes for, 14 votes against.
-The next meeting of the NSAA Board of Directors will be held at the NSAA Office in Lincoln on May 17th, 2018.