Petition signing of recall for Mayor begins in earnest

Staff Writer

The first official public opportunity to sign petitions calling for the recall of Broken Bow Mayor is happening today, Friday, Oct. 4. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., petitions are available to sign at the Broken Bow Public Library meeting room on the east side of the library.

Petition circulator John Walters of Broken Bow said he was "real pleased” with the number of people who had stopped in by noon.

He elaborated on the reasons for filing the petition.

As to the mayor creating a hostile working environment, Walters cited the grievances filed by two Broken Bow police officers and the Electric Superintendent.

As to the mayor promising jobs to friends, Walters suggested that people look at city records. The heating and air conditioning, he said, is no longer bid out. It’s handled by Dustin Marten. Marten, according to court records, was at the Mayor’s residence with the police questioned the Mayor about an alleged assault in downtown Broken Bow and is expected to be called as a witness at the Dec. 12 trial in Custer County Court.

“Jeremy Tarr (Electric Superintendent)and Rod Sonnichsen (City Council President) were kicked out of a safety meeting,” Walters said. “I think that shows very little respect (for department heads and volunteers)…I think my allegations can be backed up.”

Look for more details in the Oct. 10 issue of the Custer County Chief.