Pryce trial continues

Staff Writer

The trial for Brittney Pryce, 26, continues into Thursday in Custer County District Court. Pryce faces one charge, child abuse leading to the death of a child, Class IB Felony which carries a minimum sentence of twenty years and a maximum of life.

Two witnesses called by the prosecution Wednesday testified about the injuries sustained by Noah Pryce, a 20-month-old by who died from injuries sustained while he was in Pryce’s foster care in November, 2013.

Dr. Benet Omalu, a forensic and neuropathologist of Lodi ,California, testified that he spent nearly 10 hours studying samples of Noah Pryce’s brain tissue, which led him to conclude that the Noah suffered severe brain trauma due to “a direct impact on his skull.” Dr. Omalu testified that he believed the injuries could not have been caused by a fall.

Dr. Erin Linde, a forensic pathologist from Omaha, testified about findings from the autopsy she performed on Noah’s body. Linde received Pryce’s body Nov. 23, 2013. Linde found that he suffered a complex fracture wound, and hemorrhages, which according to Linde, are usually found with high impact wounds, such as a gunshot wound. “If the child did fall I would expect to find a linear fracture,” Linde testified. She concluded that Noah died of blunt force trauma, and as a result his death was ruled a homicide.

Also called to the stand as witnesses by the prosecution Wednesday were Pryce’s mother and brother.

Thursday morning the trial resumed with testimony by Dr, Zhongxue Hua, called to the stand by the defense.

Pryce is represented by Stephen Potter. Special prosecutors for the state are Michael Guinean and William Tangeman.