PSC issues order allowing Keystone XL Pipeline on alternative route

Nebraska Public Service Commission

The Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) has issued an Order on the OP-0003 Keystone XL Pipeline Application.

By a vote of three-to-two, Commissioners approved an Order giving TransCanada the go ahead to build the Keystone XL Pipeline utilizing the proposed Mainline Alternative Route.

The Mainline Alternative Route was one of three proposed routes (Preferred Route, Sandhills Alternative Route & Mainline Alternative Route) included in the application filed by TransCanada Keystone Pipeline. L.P. for the Keystone XL Pipeline through Nebraska.

The decision follows a more than nine-month long legal process highlighted by a nearly weeklong hearing in August. The process also included public participation with Commissioners holding four public meetings on the OP-0003 docket. Public comment was also received via email and in writing.

“The Order speaks for itself,” Commission chairman Tim Schram said. “While we would like to thank everyone who participated in this process it would be inappropriate to comment further as legal challenges to the decision remain a possibility.”

The parties to the proceeding have 30 days to file an appeal of the decision with the courts.