Put Me In Coach: Nebraska reminds us all that there is still glory left in college athletics

It was quite a week last week in the world of college sports. Overall, it wasn't a very positive one. The biggest story splashed across people's screens was the story of Mike Rice, the Rutgers mens basketball coach, after a video emerged of him shoving, cursing at and throwing balls at his players during a practice this past season. He could also be seen calling them homophobic slurs. As I watched this video, I couldn't help but think this was a 2013 version of Bob Knight- on steroids. Not long after that story broke, Auburn's football program was alleged to have paid it's players and changed their grades during their national championship run in 2010. I'm sure that this is really a surprise to all of us who follow the SEC. I hope you can feel the sarcasm seeping through the screen.On top of all that, it was reported that head of Pac 12 officiating Ed Rush resigned after reportedly targeting Arizona men's basketball coach Sean Miller during the Pac 12 tournament. Listed in the report were supposed discussions between Rush and some other officials in which Rush offered $5,000 or a trip to Cancun if Miller was given a technical foul or ejected during the Pac 12 tournament.Seeing all this in one week was a lot to digest. It had me worried about the direction college sports was heading. Then, at Nebraska's Spring Football game, all of that changed when Nebraska coach Bo Pelini called a runing play for Jack Hoffman. Hoffman wasn't any high school hopeful trying to make the roster this upcoming season.Hoffman is a seven-year old boy now turned national superstar that has been battling brain cancer the past two years. The boy was befriended by running back Rex Burkehead in his final season with the Huskers.It was a replica of Burkehead's Jersey Hoffman was wearing when he took a handoff from quarterback Taylor Martinez, faked one way and cut up the hole on the other as his blockers lead him 69-yards to the end zone for a touchdown.This was followed by him getting mobbed by the team in a celebration as well as the clip ending up as the number one play on Sportscenter's Top Ten Plays the same week.It's good to know that, in a week where the college sports world seemed to be collapsing before our eyes, we can count on Nebraska- the red and white in America's heartland to give us something that was good and pure.Our hometown team gave us one more reminder that there is still good in college sports. This is one more reason why Husker fans everywhere should be swelling with pride.