Roads washed out in Pressey area

Mona Weatherly
Managing Editor

West Pressey Road in Custer County has been barricaded Wednesday evening (3/13/19) due to the road being halfway washed out at a creek about two miles from Hwy 2.

In addition, Rd 733 (the cutoff) is impassable (from Hwy 21 to Pressey West). The mud is very deep, up to a foot in some areas, the sides of the roads are washed out and a stretch of the road (about a half mile from Pressey West) has been washed away.

Managing Editor Mona Weatherly adds her voice to those recommending people do not travel.

"If you do not need to travel, please stay in place and wait for conditions to improve. Do not put yourself at risk, or put others at risk if they need to help you," Weatherly said.

Many roads in Nebraska are closed due to flooding. Others are closed due to blizzard conditions.

Custer County is under a blizzard warning until 7 p.m. Thursday.