Schmick's Markert winner of $5,200 in groceries: Peg Zeigler

Staff Writer

Peg Zeigler won the $100 worth of groceries a week for a year. Thursday afternoon, her name was pulled out of an Our Family grocery bag by Cody Schmick, owner of Schmick's Market.

Over the past twelve weeks, one name a week had been drawn from receipts signed by customers. Each name qualified for the grand prize drawing. As luck would have it, Peg Zeigler's name was drawn for the 12th week, just minutes before the grand prize drawing.

"I'm just shocked!" Zeigler said. "This is a fantastic store. I love the the store. It's great what they do for our community."

The other contestants in attendance each received a $50 gift card from Schmick's.

It was an extra special day for Doris Bowers of Arnold, one of the twelve qualifiers. It was her 97th birthday and the $50 gift card made a nice birthday gift.

"We just appreciate our customers here at Schmick's," Cody Schmick, the owner, said. "This was a cool promotion."

The drawing was in conjunction with the partial opening of 10th Avenue as well as to celebrate Schmick's Market 6th anniversary. "We feel like Broken Bow is our home," Schmick said. "We love having the chance to have a business here...We love being here."

Racks of ribs are being grilled out front and will be sold for $10 a rack "until gone" Store manager Butch Faulkenberry said as he manned the grill. "Cody bought 600 of them."