Throwback Thursday to November 10, 1966

Staff Writer

This week we throw back to the November 10, 1966 issue of the Custer County Chief.
Not a mine sweeper -- This strange contraption that was running around the streets of Broken Bow last week had many people wondering what it was. It is the newest development in mobile gas leakage detectors employed by Kansas-Nebraska Gas Co. to locate possible leaks in the company's distribution system. The "Leak Plotter" was developed and is operated by health Survey Consultants, leakage detection specialists. As the unit moves along the streets, air samples are drawn in through the sampling boom and passed through sensitive electronic instruments which can detect minute quantities of gas in the atmosphere. The result is automatically recorded on a continuously moving chart. From the chart, Kansas-Nebraska Gas Co. can determine the condition of the underground mains and effect such repairs as may be necessary.