Tis the Season

Tis the season...

This is the time of the year when charities and fundraisers abound. People's attitudes towards giving change from Thanksgiving through New Year's. I know I'm more likely to put money in canisters, donate more cans to a food drive, put a little extra in the collection at church. Yep, my attitude changes even though I remind myself that I need to give all year because the needy don't just reserve their needs for Christmas.

There's also lots of Christmas parties and holiday concerts/events. Take advantage of the social benefits of these events! Watch your kids, grandkids or neighbor's kids sing their hearts out. Our local grocery stores will be offering wine and beer tastings (Schmicks - Dec 14 and Grocery Kart - Dec 21). Callaway will host their annual Old-Fashioned Christmas in Callaway. I'm disappointed that I have to miss it yet again this year but I just came from Callaway today and I can attest to one thing: they love their Christmas! The lights and decorations look amazing. It's always fun to socialize with friends and family!

And I'd be in trouble if I didn't mention all the trouble local businesses and organizations go to in order to get Santa into their stores. After all, it's his busy season and he's a difficult person to book! Take your kiddoes (unless they are scared to death of Santa, like mine) and plop them on his lap and take some pictures.

Most of all, remember, enjoy yourself and what this season offers. Cross your fingers and hope for snow!