Unwelcome solicitors making rounds

Staff Writer

It's been reported that someone is driving an out-of-state SUV type vehicle and stopping at homes in rural areas. A man comes to the door with cleaning solutions in hand and another man is in the vehicle. The man says they are Kirby Vacuum Salesmen and they would like to come in for a demonstration.

“In all instances that we’ve heard, they have no ID and the bottle of cleaner they flash at the home owners is a common cleaner you can buy anywhere,” Deb Kennedy of the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce said.

Kennedy said the Chamber contacted the Kirby Company and learned that Kirby has no sales people from the company in the area. However, there could be independent sales people who have pre-purchased Kirby items to sell.

Many of the solicitations have been reported at around 8 p.m. or later. The vehicle is reported to be dark in color and may have Washington State plates.

Several posts on the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce websites report incidents in the Weissert, Sumner, Milburn, Callaway and other areas.

If someone stops by your home and you are uncomfortable, call law enforcement immediately. If possible, get a description of the vehicle and plate numbers. Use common sense and caution when someone you don't know stops by your home.

If you are in Broken Bow and someone comes to your door selling products and/or services, ask to see their peddlers permit which is required by the City of Broken Bow. The town of Merna also requires a peddler's permit.