Youngsters eagerly await Santa’s arrival

With Christmas only a few days away, the anticipation is mounting as children all across the world eagerly await the hour of Santa’s arrival. We thought it might be fun to catch up with a few of those youngsters and get some of their thoughts in the final countdown. The Chief visited The School Garden preschool in Broken Bow Tuesday morning, with two questions for the children. Here is how they answered those questions. Q: What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Kaleb Bergrenn - “Getting toys at McDonald’s.” Tiana Hurlburt - “The flying reindeer.” Ayden Clark - “Santa!” Devon Baum - “Flying reindeer.” Caylee Cook - “Opening presents.” Ashlyn Schauda - “Opening presents and flying reindeer.” Gabriel Winter - “Opening Christmas presents.” Emma Larson - “Opening presents.” Brandon Hoyt - “Mario Sticker Star.” Jack White - “Flying reindeer.” Brinlee Chaplin - “Purses, dogs, babies - and purses!” Travyn Taylor - “A car.” (Apparently some of the children thought we were asking “what do you want for Christmas” - which of course would be their favorite thing about it!) Q: What is your favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Tiana Hurlburt - “McDonald’s” Ashlyn Schauda - “Cake” Brandon Hoyt - “Pizza” Caylee Cook - “Cookies” Kaleb Bergrenn - “McDonald’s” Brinlee Chaplin - “McDonald’s” Jack White - “Turkey” Ayden Clark - “Cookies” Devon Baum - “Apple pie” Travyn Taylor - “McDonald’s” Gabriel Winter - “Apple cake” Emma Larson - “McDonald’s” The teachers at The School Garden also shared their favorite things to eat at Christmas. “My favorite is breakfast,” says Miss Pam. “My family has Christmas breakfast with waffles, pancakes, eggs and sausage and lots of yummy stuff!” “My favorite is cheesy potatoes and pumpkin pie!” says Miss Dani. As Santa is busy preparing for his big night in four days, he managed to squeeze one more appearance into his schedule. Following the Christmas program performed by the kids of Precious Angels Daycare and Little Angels Preschool last Friday, Santa arrived with bags of candy for the kids - and of course a listening ear, as the children lined up for one last chance to sit on his lap and tell him what they are hoping to find under their tree. The program was hosted at the Berean Church Dec. 14. The Chief has received two late letters to Santa, which are printed below. The letters were also forwarded to the North Pole. “Dear Santa I would like Thomas and the rock quarry and timber sheds.”from Sylas “Dear Santa, How are you doing? How do the elves make all the presents? I think it’s with magic! I would like a monster high doll and bongos!”Thank you from Hayden Hunt *This year’s Letters to Santa edition was published in the Dec. 10 Custer County Chief Xtra. See the Dec. 20 Custer County Chief for greeting cards designed by local children.